Spent some of my $2000 on Sat! ~ Lots of Pics!!

  1. Most of you know I've been agonizing over several bags recently. Well, I finally made a decision. Please welcome my new family member.....
    LV Pomme Bedford 01.JPG LV Pomme Bedford 02.JPG
  2. Hmmm what's a bag that's wider than it is tall?
  3. Can't wait!
  4. ^^Pomme bedford???
  5. I cant wait to see it.
  6. The lovely Pomme Bedford!!!
    LV Pomme Bedford 03.JPG LV Pomme Bedford 05.JPG LV Pomme Bedford 04.JPG
  7. I think bedford too :p
  8. Wow!! Good guess!:nuts:
  9. Oh! LOL it's the FIRST BAG on your wishlist!
  10. Here she is playing dress up with etoile bandeau, and hermes twilly.:cutesy:
    LV Pomme Bedford-etoile.JPG LV Pomme Bedford-hermes.JPG
  11. CONGRATS! It's beautiful!
  12. Family photo!
    LV Complete Pomme family.JPG
  13. Gorgeous - love the colour and the Hermes twilly looks great too!:nuts:
  14. congrats!
  15. so cute!congrats!