Spent my Coach $$ on..

  1. Ok so it's my bf's 30th birthday and he's so nice and sweet (surprises me with random coach gifts, etc) so I wanted to get him something he would LOVE for a long time.

    So yesterday I bought him a Weber gas grill. Of course this $500+ grill totally blew my bag budget for a while :sad:
    OF COURSE I will still be shopping at Wrentham and buying up little accessories and stuff for myself --can't ban myself completely!

    But at least I know it's something he will enjoy and use often (and I get him to cook dinner..lol!)

    My birthday is coming up in July so maybe he'll return the favor and surprise me with something Coach :P
  2. That's sweet of you. And the Weber gas grills are the best! (And he can grill you dinner, lol!)
  3. Well, Happy Birthday to your dear BF. I am sure the grill will light his fire! :roflmfao: Sorry, I crack myself up! Based on what you have told us in the past, I am SURE your BF will be very good to you on your birthday.
  4. I heard they were the best but I couldn't believe how pricey they were! The one I really wanted was like $800 but settled for a cheaper, middle of the road model. Anyway I'm going to take him to the store tomorrow to pick it up and he can upgrade it then if he wants :P

    I'll have to think of some excuse as to why I'm taking him to a hardware store for his 30th birthday.
    "honey, do you mind if I pick up some paint samples? Won't take a minute. Oh can we drive your truck there as well??"

  5. What a great gift and wonderful surprise!!! He will definitely be cooking more dinners now. :yes:

    Last year, I bought my hubby a grill for a birthday gift, too. He had to put it together himself though! haha! I stayed far, far away during that time. heh
  6. That was very sweet of you!! :yes: I'm sure it will come back to you in the future with good bag karma!!

    Let me tell you, we bought a new grill right after we got married - and it was one the best investments we made in "household items"!! During the warmer months, we use it 90% of the time to make dinner, and it is alot of fun to grill out when family comes over etc... You'll get enjoyment out of it too!! ;)

  7. I really think he's one of the few BF's that actually picks up on hints!! I have been dropping them left and right..lol

  8. The store offered to put it together for me for free but I wanted to make sure it's a model he likes (or if he wants to upgrade to that super duper awesome one).. so I told the store to keep it in the box until he sees it. Then they can assemble.
  9. Wow, you are an excellent girlfriend! :smile: Your BF is lucky to have you.
  10. That's so nice of you ^-^ ,i agree your bf is lucky to have you.
  11. yay for bbq chicken and shish-ka-bobs!!! :smile:
  12. That's so sweet that you guys give each other gifts like that. And it's awesome that your bf buys you Coach stuff!
  13. wow i didnt go that far for my boyfriends 21st birthday....but hopefully ill get my purse soon!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. That is so sweet of you im sure he will really enjoy it.
  15. Good for you! How sweet! It's definitely worth it to give someone else a gift - and what goes around comes around. So funny, we're actually looking at Weber's this weekend too! Happy Birthday bf!