spent 5g's on ebay! oops! ....

  1. okay so within the last month i've spent 5g's on eBay, all on Louis Vuitton (and a pair of Marc Jacobs smokin sexy boots which ill deff show you when I get em!)...

    I've recieved 3 things from the little shopping spree so far so here they are...
    and I will be sure to post pictures of everything else as I recieve them.

    ps- the belt is too small for my taste I like to wear belts around my hips so i've decided to sell it on eBay.
  2. Sounds like you have been busy shopping! :smile:
  3. Wow, you have been very busy shopping! I cannot wait to see what you bought!
  4. i know i am such a eBay slut :bagslap:
  5. I love how you wrote "oops" like it was a mistake....mistakes can be fun though can't they!!
  6. Can't wait to see pics, congrats!
  7. Its funny how I know all of your ebay purchases before you make them LOLLLL, Brittany, I am waiting for the rest of your haul =) and I'm upset about the belt I think I'd have to see it on ya! did u post your pochette? and promise not to sell one of keepalls k =)
  8. I like that kind of "ooops" LOL! ... I love the belt, congrats!
  9. More pictures pleases... :popcorn:
  10. Sounds like you went on a very fun Christmas shopping spree for yourself. I love the color of that belt, sorry that it didn't work out for you.
  11. come on ...more pics please :p
  12. waiting.................
  13. sorry i took so long..i had a little dilemma
    NEW LV 755.JPG NEW LV 762.JPG
  14. im going to dinner--i will post tonight =)
  15. Too bad on that belt, it's soo cute.