Spending money through Paypal???

  1. I lived in Japan a year and I really like some stuffs there, that's why sometimes I ask my friend who is still in Japan to buy something for me and brings them to my family in Asia. Now I am in Europe. I would like to send money to them for all the thing they bought.

    I have never had experience about money transfer and I know that Paypal allows to send money. Could anybody tell me how it works and the fees as well?

    I am very thankful
  2. In the case, you could trust your friend, right? With bank wire, from Europe to Asia would need 5 business days to reach receiver. With Western Union, your receiver can pick up it 20 minutes after you send money but the charge for non-USD currency is pretty high, it mean, they write NO CHARGE but they use pretty low currency converter! I'll refuse Western Union.

    PS: is it your cat? so cute :love:
  3. I agree, paypal fees are extortionate. I hate using paypal, but sometimes I have to if I really want something on eBay.
  4. Thank you very much, I will think about bank wire. At the first time I thought that Paypal is the cheapest way, now I have to think about it.

    The cat belongs to my friend in Taiwan. It's really cute :smile:)
  5. I use PayPal for eBay purchases only.

    Oh, so cute :love: I'm debating with my bf. He said it's a cat poupette and I said it looks like real cat ;)
  6. in addition to eBay and other boards (mainly denim forums), i use paypal for online retailers that accept this form of payment (buy.com, overstock, newegg, yesasia... and plenty more)

    i don't use paypal to send money to friends or family, though. i hate those fees... i'd rather do a wire transfer from my bank account.