spending money on an LV stupid??

  1. So I was enjoying my very first (and probably only) LV bag (cabas Piano) gift from my husband, when a very close relative informed me that he as an "idiot" for spending money on that, and if he wanted to waste his money she had plenty of other ideas on how to do it! Mainly landscaping, etc (which we have plenty already). Needless to say, these comments sucked a little of the joy right out of me. Do any of you ladies get this?? I do feel shallow and small now.
  2. Learn how to ignore it. That is the best advice. Yes, people do it to me all the time and it gets me sooooo p*ssed off!!! Just ignore them and enjoy your bag and the fact that you were able to get it. Don't worry about what other people think, because people are ALWAYS going to have opinions, you just need to ignore them.
  3. don't ever give a rat's hiney what other people think. whose money is it anyway?
  4. Traci has some great advice. You have to be able to shake it off. It's your money, you do what you want with it.
  5. Wow, I think the only thing you should feel bad about is what a rude relative you have.

    Everyone has his/her own thing they enjoy that doesn't necessarily make perfect sense. This relative pointed out landscaping, well that could be a waste to someone else. Some comments come from jealousy, some from inferiority, some from plain rudeness. Ignore all that aren't positive!

    Enjoy not only your bag, but that your husband gave you such a wonderful gift. And think about it, he chose a true GIFT, one with no practical purpose. Just something to please you. That's where the real value lies.
  6. yea, it comes with owning LV. comments like that are never going to disappear. i'm sure they have their own expensive/etc that we/you think is a total waste of money and they think is a total investment as well.

    and landscaping can never be a waste of money, imo. anything to beautify your home is money in the final appraisal or refinance of your home!
  7. :wtf: thats the most beautiful thing i've read all day
  8. I agree. I get comments like this from one of my co-workers and I have to hold my tongue or else i might tell her to :censor: off! You just have to ignore it. They're just jealous! :flowers:
  9. You PFrs are the best! Thanks for the support!
  10. i got comment like that sometimes too, but i always said to them, "ok, now even the cheapest ugly bags in malls can cost like 100$, i'd rather not buy 5 of them and get an LV or balenciaga that i can RESELL again, and i still get money from it. if i buy other non-designer brands, i would ended up throwing it in the garbage bin if i don't like them anymore"
    it's about the VALUE, not the price.
  11. I have 6 handbags now and 3 were from my boyfriend, everyone told him he was stupid but hey they made me happy. I don't have tonnes of money but I buy bags as soon as I have enough coz I love them and don't care if people think they cost too much.
  12. Really, everyone has his/her own perception of what is better value than this and that... Who should you listen to? :shrugs: I say, whatever YOU love is valuable to YOU, so why care so much about what others think? We are not being igmorant over here, but if your relative thinks that LV is a waste of money, then don't spend his/her money on LV. Simple as that... :rolleyes: I'm sure not everyone thinks spending money on landscaping is the wisest choice too... *shrugged* Can't get everyone to agree all the time, sweetie. So, just enjoy your LV... :supacool:
  13. Exactly, you only live once, so do what you want to, spend money how you want to.
    My response to people saying they are a waste of money is usually something like this:
    'Oh well, I like it so who cares what you think'
    followed by a comment about something horrid that they like wasting money on lol
  14. I don't think anyone dare to say something like that to my DH. My first LV was a gift frm my DH. No one really say something stupid to ruin my fun infront of me. Although some of my co workers gave me envy look..I didn't care, they envy me in general anyway..
    Don't worrry what others think..their opinions don't count especially about bags..what they know about bags anyway !
  15. I wouldn't let it get to you. Unfortunately, that just seems to go with the territory of LV. I would just continue to enjoy your new bag :yes: :P