spend your tax returns on....

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  1. feel free to delete if there's a thread like this out there already.

    So I pretty much finished doing my taxes, and I'd like to spend a portion of my new found income. I'm thinking.. a pair of louboutins wouldn't be too shabby. What about you? I'll probably end up saving the money. :biggrin:

    I know it's a little early... but planning doesn't hurt. :smile:
  2. set away for a rainy day
  3. Fabulous dinner out !

    Actually, I doubt I'm going to get much for my tax returns, as long as I'm not paying, it's all good though !
  4. I spent mine :shame: But it was a worthy purchase, it went toward my new Chanel tote :love: At least my birthday is coming up soon, I asked for money so I can put it in my savings. If that actually happens, who knows :lol:
  5. Bank, bank, bank!
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