Spend a few hours in Paris just to go to the fashion show?

  1. Would you make a detour in your travel plans just to be in Paris for a few hours to attend the Dior fashion show? My friend got invitations to the show just for me, but he did it quite late, and I would need to fly from Rome to Paris on my way back to the US. I am so conflicted! :sad:

    (As you can see from my avatar, I love Dior!)
  2. I would do it in a heart beat if i could
  3. OMG, I would totally love to do it! So, a big YES for me unfortunately, I don't have invitations heh. Tell us all about it if you do decide to go. :smile:
  4. YES! I mean, how many times would one get an offer like that?
    Btw. I think someone forgot to send me my tickets ...
  5. yes, yes, yes
  6. Ofcourse...just to be in that atmosphere would be out of this world!!!
  7. OF COURSE! I would just die to go to a Dior fashion show. You're so lucky!
  8. YESSS !!!!
    what a rare opportunity...don't hestitate...GO !!!
    and take pics for us !!
  9. Definitely! Yes!
  10. I would, I would, I would!!!
    You should, you should, you should!!!
  11. surely i would. =)
  12. Absolutely! it's a dream of mine to go to a show

    i'd sell small children as foot-stools to get an invite. :p
  14. Definitely, it's such a great opportunity !
  15. I would do so in a heartbeat.
    Dont forget to share the juicy details when you are back!