'Spend a bonus' Dilemma

  1. Dear Ladies,
    i would like to share with you my 'very good kind of' dilemma:
    i was working really hard for my company and closed great deals, so after a swiched for a new challenge, my boss decided to give me a nice 'good bye bonus'.
    My obsession with Hermes was well known at the company, so i got a gift certificate in worth of USD 5.000!!!!!!:tup:
    As you maybe remember, i happily downsized my bag collection but this doesnt mean that i couldnt manage a new beauty:graucho:
    My possibilities are as follows:
    -Victoria Fourre tout in Gold
    -Plume 32 in any color
    -kelly 32 in black
    -paris-bombay 35 in epsom naturelle
    -save the certificate

    What would you do??????
  2. Oh MissM - that's fantastic!!!! Congratulations to you.

    You must have done a great jobs for these guys for them to give you the "golden handshake". It's nice to feel appreciated and you obviously have been.

    No advice from me - all your choices sound lovely in their own way. Unless you just hold it until you see something that sings to you :nuts:

    Well done you :yahoo:
  3. Kelly!
    I know you've been looking for one for a while now and this is the staple elegant handbag that is missing in your collection.
    Treat yourself to the quintessential Hermes handbag (Don't think of using it for work) - you deserve it!

    Jeez, I wish my old boss would honour his bonus promises....
  4. Kelly for sure! (or a Lindy......)
  5. you must have been a great asset to the company, well done.
    for a bag i think it has to be a kelly but if it was me id rather go mad on scarves and small things, then you have lots to open when you get home!:graucho:
  6. Good for you! I would buy either a very classic Kelly or a brightly-colored Plume. Very nice dilemma!
  7. MM--Congrats on your bonus!! If it were me I would
    put it towards a Bolide. :smile:
    But since it's always good to have a back-up plan, I also vote for
    the Plume. :smile:
  8. I would take the kelly 100%.
  9. I vote for a KELLY!!!
  10. me too, go for the Kelly! :heart:
    Congrats! :party:
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would spend part and save part.
  12. choice # 1 : KELLY (get an orange one, it's so nice!)
    choice # 2 : PLUME (it's nice coz not too many people opt to buy this)
    buying hermes is always an investment! of couse you must use the certificate!:p
  13. Kelly!!!! :tup:
    Cherry's idea sounds fun too!
  14. Kelly, kelly, kelly all the way!! Its great that they think highly of you!x
  15. Congratulations!!!
    another vote for Kelly!