Speical Orders

  1. I have a few questions about Speical Orders.

    Has anybody ever tried to get the popincourt or popincourt haut in damier? Also would they do a manhattan pm in epi?

    I email them once about the process & they said you have to send the request to france & wait for the reply. is this true for all of them or do they already know whether or not some will be appected or denied.

    I'll be glad when my local store opens up next month so i can asked them these questions instead of posting random post here so much!

  2. I am not sure exactly how it works. I am sure there are some people with similar requests. I would call 1-866-VUITTON and ask them, they should know more then some of the people at the store!
  3. As far as I know, all the orders have to be accepted by France first so they can approve the design and come up with an approximate cost.
    The Popincourt *may* be able to be done, but I doubt the Manhattan will be able to be done in Epi because of the complexity of the style. Similar to the way the MC Speedies cannot be special ordered in any other material.
  4. the manhattan in epi wouldn't be much more "complex" than the epi bowler montaigne. i think they'd approve it, ashleydanielle :smile:
  5. ^By "complex," I mean due to the push locks on the front. And yes, the Montaigne is complex as well but that's a regular item in the line, so of course they have no qualms with producing that one. SOs are different.
  6. :true:

    I doubt they will accept an SO order for a Manhattan PM in Epi leather. I agree with Reb that they *might* accept an SO request for the Popincourt...
  7. I think that you can call an LV store and have them make the inquiry. I believe that you CAN get the manhattan special order in EPI. It's worth it! I ordered the Cabas Piano in Damier! I absolutely LOVE IT!
  8. There are those limitations, some styles or lines have to be out for a certain time frame, like Azur cannot be special ordered yet unless its the hard sided luggage, I still don't think they do MC anything besides the luggage...
  9. I've asked about a manhattan already it's a no go
  10. aw, that sucks. i guess it never hurts to have another monogramed bag though, even though i feel it's awful similar to my trouville, size wise.
  11. i emailed louis vuitton before and they said that you have to go to the store in person to do it. but a store is opening in my mall @ the end of next month so i can start saving now incase they say yes. i would kill for a damier popincourt haut.
  12. Thanks for confirming, Claire. ;)
  13. why not? has it not been out for 3 years?
  14. I don't know I thought it had been out long enough but they said it couldn't be done, I'll ask again next year maybe they'll do it then
  15. maybe they wont do it due to the "push lock" closure's... on the monogram version... yes the epi has a koala wallet with that odd lock on it... but that rounded "push lock" is a mono signature and now in damier on the agenda apparently..., they would have to use the lock that is on the epi montaigne bowling GM for the 2 front pockets, the same lock style similar to the new Multicolor closure's... know what I mean...