Speedy's with denim open toe mule

  1. Is it ok to match the monogram canvass speedy 30 to grenadine open to mule(denim)? this my first lv bag, and my dh accidentally bought me this shoe I love him for that hahhaha. but please give me some ideas or stock the mule first and wait to buy new lv denim purse next time! thanks:confused1:
  2. bag and shoes dont have to match.
  3. I agree with BagFetish, as long as YOU love the look, that's all that matters....and they're both LV, how can you go wrong with THAT??? lol....
  4. I agree^^
  5. ITA with the gals above. You don't need to perfectly match things; as long as they "go", it's fine. Blue and brown totally go together, as do the two mono patterns. Just make sure to wear an outfit that ties the two together... e.g., I'm not sure a VERY colorful outfit would work with the two together. Something more understated and classic, IMHO, would let the shoes and bag shine. :smile:

    And the hubby is a keeper for getting those shoes for you!
  6. Exactly!!!!