Speedy's lock

  1. i know lots ladies here love speedy, my tooooo.....
    but i have the problem with the lock!!!

    after i purchased my damier speedy whithin 2 weeks.
    i found out that the lock change its color...
    i know all metal will be oxidize...
    but how could that be that fast.....
    the lock start to lost its shine and beauty..
    and i dont know how to mentain it..

    i have ask the SA in store...(since this is my second speedy, i thought they might have the same problem)
    they told me if the lock start to change the color, it means..

    its time to purchase a new one...

    haha i like that answer, sound funny, but when its be sell as a high-end bag, doesnt it suppose to having a better quality?!:hysteric:
  2. Buy brasso...
    it will shine again..
  3. The lock on my speedy bag has gotten duller in color; no longer has that shine either. But my bag is quite a few years old. I believe some pfers use brasso to polish and give it back some shine.
  4. bagsnbags....
    ...you beat me to it :smile:
  5. LOL
  6. what is brasso, and where can i buy it...

    sorry, i am a newbie for this.
    and thanks for sharing :yahoo:
  7. It's a kind of polish. You can get it at pretty much any drugstore or hardware store. :flowers: I actually "retired" my Speedy lock and use a Hermes Hippo lock instead. :shame:
  8. Brasso is a brass/metal polish. You should be able to find it at Walmart.
  9. thank you ladies...:yes:

    thats really helpful....

    PS. the hermes lock must be awesome...!!!:drool:
  10. Thanks Phoebe! He was an expensive little guy...but so cute! :lol:
  11. i would love to see a pic if you dont mind~~~~

    so this little guy will not change its color right?!:nuts:
  12. Locks change and oxidize depending on the climate they are kept in. A cheap cleaner is old fashioned toothpaste! Like crest or colgate. Just brush the lock briskly with it and it will shine right up!!!

  13. thank you selena...i have seen your amazing speedy collection, you are an expert!!!

    do you know if i puchase the keychain from them, will that be oxidize easily just like the speedy's lock?!

    i have eye on a keychain they just came out!!!
    but worried about it will become no shine after a while.

  14. I just received my speedy and the lock looked dull, so I used a polishing cloth I bought at Kay Jewelers. I didn't expect it to work as well as it did, but I was scared to put anything liquid on it just in case.

  15. Actually the hardware that is on the keychains is a different material then the locks. The locks are brass, and I believe SOLID brass, thus they only oxidize. But the hardware, on the keychains and such are COATED and will start to fade and sometimes rub off due to touching or wear. I know the rivits appear to be BRASS solid as well. They will polish up nicely with a dry silver polishing cloth, but you have to really rub hard. In my experience with LV to me it appears that there are three different kinds of metals use say on a typical monogram bag. A solid brass (locks) a coated high shine brass or golden tone metal (clasp on a cles) and a flat brass/golden tone metal (hardware holding speedies handles). The high shined metal seems to rub off the most easily. Hope this helps.