speedy's handle

  1. when i tried on the speedy, the handle is like quite hard and not comfy to hold somemore it is short. does the handle soften after sometime of usage?
  2. yes. the entire bag softens a lot once you starr to use it. i hate the feel of virgin vachetta but after a while it gets nice and smooth and soft.
  3. My mini lin speedy handles got softer
  4. yes it will get softer with time
  5. it gets slightly more flexible, but i like the handles to retain their rigid shape
  6. oh, thanks to all of u. :biggrin: thinking of getting a speedy but still not yet buy because the handle bothers me. if it soften like what u all say then it shud be no problem. else it is very uncomfortable when the bag is hold at the elbow. know what mean? :smile:
  7. the entire bag softens with use
  8. yes, it needs to just go through its break-in period, bag, handles and all! :biggrin:
  9. Yup, it should soften a bit with time but you need to keep using it daily. :yes:
  10. should soften a little bit over time.
  11. Yes, it will soften up, just keep using it and it will be molded to you!
  12. i think u should definitely get one - buy the mono 30!
  13. I think it looks a lot better once you "break in" the bag!
  14. The handle will soften over time. Just keep using it. I got calluses at first.