SpeedyMono 35, Vintage or New????

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  1. OK, I am looking at buying a Speedy Mono 35 in the next month or 2...

    I have been reading about how quality has suffered lately on the Speedy...

    Do you think it is better to buy New???

    Or, buy a really nice one that is 10 years old and either have the vacheta
    replaced???? or if it is a nice honey color, keep it with the original Vacheta????

    my thoughts are that the older canvas is more pliable... and
    will not tear as easy or crack.... as it will be past the time of cracking.....

    I have seen some really nice Speedy's on ebay for under $500....
    NOT that price is an issue for me on the Speedy...
    But, some of them have beautiful patina... and look brand new inside..... :smile:
  2. I think it's a matter of taste if you buy vintage or new, I love that a vintage looks like it has a "history" to tell with the patina. Make sure to authenticate in the LV Shopping section before buying.
  3. I love the older mono bags because of the petina leather
    I see no point in buying old and having all leather replaced bringing it to almost price of new
  4. I love my older preloved speedy's with honey patina. I hate new vachetta haha it scares me so much! So I stick to buying preloved. I have a 2004 speedy 25 and the canvas is still gorgeous! And my '98 mono alma canvas is the most amazing thing I have ever felt haha
  5. I purchased my mono Speedy 35 pre loved and it is, IMO, much better made than the ones today. She is from either 1998 or 1999 ( can't recall ATM) and she is gorgeous. :smile:
  6. It's definitely a preference. I'd go with vintage but with one that you really like the patina on it. I wouldn't buy one that needed the handles replaced just for the canvas. There are many in really beautiful condition, I'm sure you won't have any issues finding the perfect one for you. Good luck with whichever you decide.
  7. You live in Sweden, so I am assuming all your bags new are MIF? Get new. ;)
  8. I buy my bags new, but honestly that is just personal preference. I would be more hesitant to buy the speedy preloved just because there is so much replica out there - been reading some horror stories regarding these "super fakes" and not surprising that the speedy is at the top of list ( due to the minimal detail ).

    It's a great bag ,,, have it in the 40 mono, the 30 fuchsia perforated, 30 MC, 30 black epi.

    Whichever way you decide, enjoy the bag - it's a timeless piece:smile:
  9. Personally...I like making my own Patina. Bags are such a personal thing as they are handled with alot of nasty hands. Even some of the cleanest looking vintage.. :yucky:

    As another poster said...if you can get a new one MIF...I'd go for the new.

  10. +1
  11. I adore vintage and it has such a great look but make sure it is real.