1. What defines a speedy purse? THANKS !

    Please someone? Anyone? I've heard that term used but don't know exactly what it means. I have a LV I want to list on EBAY but don't know if it is a Speedy or not.

    THANKS !
  2. A speedy is a style of bag. You can do a search for speedies on here or go to vuitton.com and look them up.
  3. Thanks. I did a search on here but ended up with 49045230 threads. lol I'm off to search vuitton.com now.
  4. this is the classic monogram speedy 25... but this style also comes in other lines.

  5. [​IMG]
    This is the Speedy 25 in Monogram canvas. You can also check our visual aids portion of the LV subforum for more pictures, or vuitton.com as you mentioned.

    ^^siworae, great minds think alike! ;)
  6. Thanks, I don't think the one I have is a speedy now. I'm new the the whole LV purse thing, so I'm trying to learn as much as possible before listing my first one.
  7. post pic's of your bag