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  1. I think a speedy in AZUR will be my next bag .But i dont know if i go for 30 or 25.Pleas help me and tell me .Sorry for my english.:idea:
  2. I love 30. I think its the perfect size
  3. I just got an Azur Speedy!! (see my thread) I had the same question.. when I went to see the 25 and 30, I didn't even hesitate to say I'll take the 30!
  4. i think the azur looks alot better in the 30.
  5. 30, I have the mono in 25 and I think its too small.
  6. 30. though i prefer 25 in epi!
  7. 30 gets my vote! not too big but not too small. It still has that "oversized-bag thingi" goin' on
  8. I'm going to play devil's advocate and choose the 25! :lol: I actually like the 25 better, it's cute in azur. But then again, I'm pretty small and petite at 5'2' and I like smaller bags.
  9. if you do a search you will find many threads on this topic. as well check out the speedy club house thread.
  10. I have the 30 and love it! I think speedy 30's are so pretty.
  11. Do you like big bags or small bags?
  12. HI!
    Sometimes big and sometimes small.
    Its depens of the moment.
    But i have Trevi in pm and Galliera in pm.
    I think Trevi gm is to big for me.
  13. I say 30, it's the perfect size for my body and for the amount of stuff I carry in my purse, there's always room for anything extra I need to put in there but my stuff isn't swimming in the bag either.
  14. 30 if it will be your only Speedy ;)
  15. I actually don't like the 30 in the Azur. I think with the lighter color it looks bigger, so I like the Azur much better in the 25. I don't like excessive sag in the light color. To me it just looks sloppier somehow. I do like the 30 in mono.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.