speedy with strap - a good kind of wear??

  1. Anyone wear the speedy with an strap and has photos to show??

    I have see one photo and I thought it looks cute. What do you think? Has someone pics of that?

    I believe that so the speedy can be more practically, because your hands and arms are free.

    Has someone experience with that kind of wear with the speedy? Must I have fear that the speedy is not stably enough for that kind of wear? because the strap must be fastened at the handles and I have fear that there it can broken.:s:confused1:

    thanks for your answers :smile:
  2. not sure about his but i'd also love to see some pics!!
  3. I seen it many times but don't know what kind of wear it can cause to the speedy exept the shiny hardware coating rubbing off...
  4. the shiny hardware coating rubbing off??:confused1::s

    thats not good .. :sad:
  5. ^^^sry to scare you but that's what will eventually happen when you attach the strap to the rings on the speedy it's normal wear and tear my mini pochette and Sacoche messenger bag have the same problem and im ok with it...
  6. so you wear it that kind nevertheless?
  7. ^^^well sorthof the hardware will get scratched anyway but this is what I mean when metal on metal meet, you can see the scratches on the HW...

  8. I'd say go for it Vuitton.com has one for $155 search for straps it will save you getting another bag with a strap plus you can remove it whenever you don't need it and put it inside the bag...
  9. I have a adjustable strap; I bought it just for my speedy. When I brought my speedy, my SA showed me that I can wear it across the body. But some people think speedy doesn't design for attaching a long strap, so it may be bad for the bag.
  10. I would fear tarnishing the hardware and ruining part of the leather that comes into contact with the strap's hardware. :s
  11. is that the right one for the speedy mono?
  12. That sounds interesting....please model if you get a strap!
  13. sure :okay:
  14. This is the way my mom quite frequently wore her Speedy 30 when I was little. To be honest, the gold plating on the brass hardware will take a beating after repeated use anyway, so unless you're yanking on the strap all the time, it should be fine. One thing to note though is that if the damage on the hardware is consistent with that of having a strap on the bag, they won't repair it since straps aren't recommended. Why they even sell them then, I'm not sure, but this was what my SA told my mom awhile back when she asked about a strap for the MC Speedy.
    I've posted these when people have asked before, but since the Search isn't working, here they are again.

    One shoulder:

    Cross body:
  15. thank you so much for your informations :tup:

    I have find 4 different colours of straps.
    which one has your mother?