Speedy with Luggage tag? Pic!

  1. How about this? I tried one in the shop, it looked good I think. I could put the Initials in this tag.
    This is a luggage tag:
    Is it also possible to buy this on top?


    Has anybody this?
    I would love to see pics!
  2. I have a black epi Keepall which came with that luggage tag and I sometimes put that on my black epi Speedy, I think it looks really cute. And yes, you can buy the luggage tag separately. I remember seeing a contrasting luggage tag on someone's Alma here?
  3. Yeah the tag is about 40$, I asked my SA. But the other one on the luggage who keeps the handles together, how much is this?
  4. I would love to see a pix of that too! :yes:
  5. I have a Speedy 35 and often wondered how a luggage tag would sit attached to the vertical of the handle attachment like that. Someone post us a pic! :tup:
  6. I think I will buy one in two days when I'm in Lugano. My bf has a house in Lugano, so I'll visit the store!

    Those two tags hopefully look nice on it!
    I'll post pics when I get them!
  7. I've been looking for one on eBay with a patina to match those of my elderly Speedy bags - it'd look plain daft if I put a brand new raw tag onto my caramel patinaed bags! :p

  8. Lol I have the opposite problem.. I'm finding too many very dark patina'd tags! lol
  9. That's why I want a tag now, a brand new one because my the leather of my Speedy is white:smile:
  10. just wondering... does the luggage tag only comes in one size?
  11. I think there are two sizes - I think I asked this question at the LV store once... Don't remember the prices but I think both sizes are under $50 each. Maybe $50 and $35 USD? Call the store to verify....

  12. thanks peace... i know the big one is used for luggage.. what is the small one used for??
  13. There are two sizes, 7.5cm and 9cm. In Australia, it costs $54 and $59 respectively from memory...I just ordered the small one in Damier for my Speedy 30. The SA said it will take weeks though :sad: I'm not sure what they intended the small tags to be used for, but I suspect smaller luggage items?

    I know what you mean about the patina conundrum Frankie; on my mono Keepall tag there is this ugly big water mark right next to my initials and I want to get a new tag but the new vachetta will look too funny!
  14. I like the luggage tag on some bags, haven't seen one on a speedy yet!
  15. I have a small ebene luggage tag on my Damier Speedy and one on my Damier Nolita. They are both heatstamped in gold to match the hardware. Currently I am looking for a small Epi luggage tag with silver hardware to match my Epi Speedy. I would take a pic, but I misplaced my camera.