Speedy with feet?

  1. This past weekend I happened to see three speedies......with four little brass feet! I did not think that the speedy style came with feet? Am I missing something???
  2. feet=fake:yucky:
  3. i sometimes wish speedys had feet. i wouldnt feel so OCD about it if i did
  4. Oh my!! That was the first thing that came to mind....that they were fakes!! The women that were carrying these bags looked so put together! I wonder if they knew their bags were fake! I spotted 3 in one weekend....and they were all fakes. Yuck!

  5. Sadly, some do know and don't care... others may be oblivious. Either way they were defintely fakes.
  6. hehehe i saw one of these at galleria mall yesterday. i was sooo shocked because most people at galleria act very posh and pristine. it took me for a ride when i saw this woman in her mid-forty's coming down the escalater with a speedy in hand that had four brass feet. i discretely pointed it out to my friend. i really can't tell fakes unless its really obviuos and those four little brass stubs on the bottom of her bag were very obvious even to me

  7. I feel the same way you do. I wish my Epi Jasmin had feet too.:shame:
  8. Yup...feet=fakey!
  9. Funny, I was at Nordstroms the other day waiting at the MAC counter a woman standing next to me looked at my bag, cracked a shy smile and turned away. She was looking at my duomo and was obviously embarassed that she was carrying a mono Alma WITH FEET!!!
  10. HA! HA! :roflmfao:
  11. I've noticed a lot of Louis Vuitton bags with feet now a days. I was just watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and all the girls had Keepalls with feet. I was shocked because I never thought of them to carry fakes. :yucky:
  12. Not in the least, they're fake.
  13. Ick, yes definitely fake if it has feet.
  14. Why do these people bother?! If they're embarrassed use a cheaper but real bag!
  15. Feet.. fake :yucky: