Speedy with a long strap

  1. Does anyone attach a long strap to their speedy so they can wear it across the body like a messenger bag? Someone told me they used to carry theirs like that "back in the day"... i'm wondering what that would look like or if it would be a fashion no-no. I'm thinking it would be nice for those days where holding a purse in your hand isn't possible or convenient.

    If you carry your speedy like this, please post a picture! I'd love to see what it looks like. :smile:
  2. So funny that you said "back in the day" 'cause my GF has a 10 year old Speedy with a 10 year old monogram strap that she said the SA said was *the* way to carry the Speedy in 1998!
  3. I think the speedy 25 works well this way. I've seen the monogram and cerises speedy 25 on a strap.
    1. The lady with the cerises 25 was shopping, so hands free really helps here
    2. The lady with the monogram was carrying her umbrella in one hand and shopping bags in another and it was pouring outside!

    I think because the strap attaches to near the handles, the speedy 30 and bigger would be too big/unbalanced, but the speedy 25 should be fine this way.
  4. i use my speedy 30 azur with a strap when i go out shopping. i haven't taken pics of myself with my speedy 30 and strap yet but i will one of these days. i only use the strap when it's necessary (shopping and holding too many shopping bags). :yes:
  5. I think you might see some of this again in the near future -- think Palermo. I also was flipping through some fashion magazine recently which showed another bag with both handles and a strap.
  6. sound great
  7. I thought it would be hard to adjust to a hand held bag but its been a smooth transition with speedy. I am still thinking about getting a strap for shopping trips. I don't think it looks that bad but the SA at LV told me its meant to be carried in the hand and discourage me from purchasing a strap.
  8. thanks for all the replies everyone! I think I might buy a strap if i can find a good deal off of eBay. it might be one of those things that will be good to carry in the purse just in case i need to use it. there is no way i'm going to set my speedy on the ground! (at least not while it's still new. :upsidedown:)

    if anyone has anymore pics, i'd love to see them! I'd esp. like to see how the 30 would sag worn across the shoulder. :smile:
  9. That's so funny that you brought this up. When I first bought my speedy 25 "back in the day", I carried it with a strap. I have a 30 now and carry it on the crook of the arm. Sometimes a strap would come in handy though!
  10. actually, i bought the strap because the SA recommended it. at the time of my purchase, i was pregnant and told her i might be using it as a diaper bag on occasion so she told me to buy the strap and i tried it on at the store and it didn't look bad so i bought it with my speedy. :yes:

    (sorry but too shy to post pic of myself but will somehow find the courage to do it some time) :girlsigh:
  11. This is exactly what I do - I carry the strap in my Speedy "just in case". I"ve got a vintage mono strap from eBay and I"m happy with it. Maybe I"ll take some pics soon.
  12. ^ i agree, the strap's always inside my speedy if in case i need it, it's right there and it's ready. i'll post pic soon. ;)
  13. Yes, I have a mono strap on my 30 Mono Speedy...carry it all the time and LOVE it! Love it so much I just got a plain vachetta strap for my 30 Azur Speedy so that I can use it the same way! Wouldn't be without one now.
  14. I've been thinking about this too..but im afraid it's gonna look like a gymbag on me cuz the shape of the model :p