Speedy.. Which size is better/best?

  1. hey guys.
    i just joined this forum...

    my dad is goin to buy me a new LV and i think i'll get a speedy this time.
    it's just that i dunno which size i sould get...
    right now i'm thinking about the 30 in damier (my other LVs are all in damier, i know it's kinda boring but i just love it, no vachetta, etc..).

    i also want to use it occasionally for university...
    can someone tell me if papers fit in a speedy 30?

    they only have monos in 35 and 40 :sad:
    and i'm not sure about mono, cuz it's all over the place, if u know what i mean...

    thanks for you help!!! :heart:
  2. There are Mono Speedies in size 25, 30, 35 and 40, so that wouldn't be a problem.
    I don't think you can fit your papers into a Speedy 30 - I don't own one, but I'm going to get a Speedy 35 b/c I'd like to use it on school days I don't have to carry lots of books, but they wouldn't fit into a 30.
    I think I'd go to the boutique and try it on, and ask if you can try to fit some papers in it and then decide.
  3. speedy 40 becos it can storage alot!!!!

  4. yes, i know that.
    what i meant was, that i would like a damier in 35 and 40. cause they only have monos in those sizes :smile:
  5. Since you already have 2 Speedy bags, would you consider other design? I don't think Speedy 30 can fit in your papers without crushing them. You have to take the papers in and out through the zipper opening.

    IMO, Neverfull GM is the best choice for university use. It's light and can fit in a lot of stuff, i.e. files and even your laptop. I think they should have similar designs in Damier if you don't like Monogram. Vachetta on Monogram Neverfull is only on the handles and trimming.
  6. Please use the tool at the top of your page to search.
    this topic has been asked so many times.
    I'm sure if you do a search you'll find more then enough answers....

    Good luck!
  7. Either 3o or 35. But I love the mono version. The damier is abit too mature looking