Speedy Watercolor $1,685

  1. I just spoke with a SA in Nashville about the Speedy Watercolor. He tells me the price is going to be $1,685. Let's hope he's wrong. Or maybe I should be glad it's not over $2,000.
  2. oh wow. I'm out, lol.
  3. it COULD be wrong quote...dun give up yet..;)
  4. Is the price of the speedy going to be the same as the Papplion?
  5. I hope he's wrong. He also said the speedy frame will be $3,400, the bon bon pochette $1,470.
  6. Someone call their SA and check.
  7. We were told last week-end at Trunk show around 1200 dollars. Think this a wait and see, lots of different SA saying different things
  8. I have to have this bag...
  9. eeep i hope not! although the other prices you mentioned aren't very far off from last estimates. i'm calling my SA in about 30 min when her shift starts.
  10. Hawaii is going to be less, isn't it? Maybe LV has been reading tPF and found out how many people want this bag and raised the price. LOL! Nashville said they were getting 12 of them. He also said May 1 but I thought we'd heard it was March 15. Let's just hope all his info is wrong.

    They aren't even getting the bon bon but said he could probably get it for me from another store. I was surprised to hear they weren't getting any. He did say they were making less of the teal blue than the rose.
  11. slightly off topic...i got PRADA form HAWAII and was cheaper even with shipping...so myabe LV is the same...:tup:
  12. it should be. the last time i talked to my SA they didn't have any prices for the vvn speedy. the march release date is for the exotic. some have heard that both collections are going to be released simultaneously, but i've gone along with the march exotic, may vvn releases.

    i was just thinking that the only way the price will go up on this pretty basic speedy is if they make it VERY limited... like 10 per store.
  13. Noooooooooo... I am counting on the $1185 from the lookbook!!!
  14. OUCH!! I was having a hard time swallowing the $1185!!
  15. Is the bag the picture in your avatar BunnyNole? Is there a waiting list for this Speedy? It's gorgeous!