speedy water/wheater proof???

  1. whats about the handles of a speedy mono 30?
    my speedy is 7 days old:heart: when it rains outside I let my speedy at home. I'm so scared of the rain, so I want to know if the fear is justified? happens what? what are your experience and opinions?

    thanks for your help:p
  2. It'll be fine. Honestly, once the leather starts to patina, you won't hesitate to take it out in the rain. I've had my all vachetta bottom-ed Cabas Mezzo out in the rain and there aren't even any water marks on it.
    Just take the plunge, you'll be glad you did-don't be afraid to use a bag you love!
  3. It's not, mine has gotten water spots, I have started to use apple guarde protect spray and it helps but still gets some.
  4. I'd say wait until the patina starts to develop then it's okay. If you take it out when it's still white-ish then it could get stains on it which will look like stains until the patina develops.
  5. okay thank you so much for your help