Speedy w/ Groom Piece???

  1. Hello
    I have a quick question. I will be going to Vancouver, BC again For business. I also want to visit Louis Vuitton Store. :upsidedown:
    My quick question two questions:
    1. How would a pochette groom cles look on my Mono Speedy 25?
    2. Can someone show me how this looks?
    3. Or should I get a Mono Pochette Cles?
    I'll be going to the LV store sometime next weekend.
    I've seen Cles's attached mostly to Alma's so I'm interested in seeing them on Speedy's. :love:
    If I get to see some pictures. I might be tempted to pick up one of these items. Or I might go to the LV store to find out what Mono Wallet I want to save to buy.
  2. The mono pochette cles is EXTREMELY bland, if not boring. The groom cles is definitely more colourful and pleasing to the eye.
  3. Well here's a pic of my groom cles on my speedy. Also a pic of the groom ronde. It's a 30 though.


  4. Thanks for the visual!!
    Sorry to ask another question - LVCrazed - or anyone else. Do the Cles move around a lot on the bag, and have they ever fallen off. I read someone's got stolen from their purse. :crybaby:
    I love the colorful the Groom Cles looks in the Yellow. :yes:

    Does anyone ever wear a MC Cles on their Speedy? I'm now curious to see how this looks. Not sure if it would match. But in LV store, I seen a Petit Noe on display with a Vernis Cles.
  5. Aww I love how the Groom Cles looks on your Speedy 30. I think it would look just as nice on a 25 Speedy. :biggrin:
  6. Aww I love how the Groom Cles looks on your Speedy 30. I think it would look just as nice on a 25 Speedy.


    Your welcome!! ..and Thx!!!!!!! Umm, nope I haven't had any problems w/ either my cles or ronde coming off. I just make sure when I leave the house that it's securely on. I do ck. when I get off the car to go into a store to make sure it's on good. But it is pretty secure once it's attached. As far as it moving alot, not too much. Sometimes I notice my groom pieces flip over to the other side (back) so I just flip it back to the front. ;) No biggie though.

  7. LVCrazed -Is yours used for anything? What I mean, do you put anything in your Cles? Just curious.

    I really want to take my Speedy with me, and try one out on my Speedy. And go from there. Again, I'm not sure if I should see if I have enough for a wallet. I love the Groom Wallets over the Mono Wallets. But I'll be really crazy buying three pieces within three months. I wonder when I'll stop thinking about accessories. :lol:
  8. LOL!!!! I know what you mean. Gotta have those accessories. ACK!:Push: Ya, I'd definitely take the Speedy with you so that you can see how it looks. See if you like it.

    I had bought my Groom pieces to use w/ my keys, etc. but being they are limited and the screen printing on it...I decided it might be better to just use them to decorate my bags. As far as inside...I put lil notes, like market lists, or something...also those lil cloths to clean your eyeglasses with. Easy access. So that works. :yes:

    LOL!! I also have the Red Poch.Groom wallet...I had always wanted a full size wallet and had been using my mono ludlow for yrs. So, I was glad I waited and got the Groom wallet. Cool, to have a limited ed. wallet. :graucho: And yep, I'm definitely CRAZY!! :upsidedown: heehee!!:lol:
  9. Two nights ago - I just bought a few more outfits. And Yesterday on Friday, I found out I'm confirmed - I'll be going on business all next weekend. :rolleyes:
    I hate to say this, but I automatically thought should I get a wallet to complete my Speedy :lol: or a Groom Cles for now. But my DH doesn't know my plans. I'll spring this on him when I'm away from home. He totally thinks I'm crazy now. :lol:
    I think I could use my current wallet, as its just a wallet, but I want a LV wallet now :angel: I think if I tell him now, he'll try to object. :sad: But I tell him, it makes me happy!!! :upsidedown: and this works for me. I can just hear him Why do you want that small thing. :lol:
  10. If you look in my thread I started you'll find a pic of a mono speedy 25 with the groom cles. I bought them both for my best friend.

    Having trouble with the paste function on this computer, but the title is LV Ban for 2 Weeks. Just scroll down and you'll see it. Let me know if that helps you at all!
  11. LOL!!!!!!! Ya, wait til you're out of town...he'll miss you...So then when you tell him about the *new* LVs your considering he'll probably go along with it. Heehee!! "We" women are so sneaky.:sneaky: But hey, whatever works! It's not our fault "they" love to make us happy and LV definitely makes us happy!!

    Good Luck!!
  12. MR POSH SPICE lol awwwww now I want this accessory. I want a Groom Cles. It's so pretty, and completes the Speedy IMO. I might end up just getting this for now. I should stop and I hate to say it 'ban' myself :lol:
    But from reading around here - bans just don't work!
    I hope to get one. I don't need this, but its more of a want! :love:
  13. Its on my wish list :yahoo:
    And I don't want to pay for it when it's really high priced. Its high now, but later on, it'll be hard to come by if I want it now. This is what I'm telling myself :roflmfao:
  14. I called LV store in Vancouver. They said they have 3 in the store. I'm hoping they still have them next weekend. :confused1: I have to take my chance. I don't want to oder it, until I actually see it on my Speedy 25. Even though I've seen the pic of both yours and Mr Posh Spice - I want to take my own Speedy, and see what my options are. Plus I might look at wallets.

    The LV Store said a lot of the smaller items are only made in Spain. Is this true, that they are all made in Spain?

    The other thing is, LV store said they should be getting another shipment of Groom Cles in their store, but not sure when. They told me the price of this Groom Cles. I still feel I want it - just hoping they have one in the store. (I have to get over its not made in France - please don't be offended, but I'm pretty much new to buying LV, and at this point, its my personal preference to buy made in France) - but my heart might be won over by this small accessory. :upsidedown:

    The reason why I love this, is it will add more color to my Speedy. And its a LE piece - and would remind me of 2006 year when I bought my LV purses. :yes: