Speedy Vuitton Purse Charm Ideas

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  1. I am planning to get a Monogram Speedy (probably 25) and I am looking at the vuitton website to get ideas for purse charms. I would like to use a combination of 2 I think. Here's a bunch that I think would look nice. Which combinations would look good together? Post pix if you have of your vuitton charms! So far I have the long multi pastilles charm and the panda cles.


  2. [​IMG]

  3. I don't have any pics of them on my mono speedy but hopefully these will at least give you an idea.

    Jack and Lucie on Damier Speedy

    Multicolore Pastilles on Damier Speedy
  4. Is that a speedy 25? By bracelet/pastilles charm looks good on my coussin but the straps are further apart. Does it bang around a lot on the speedy?
  5. I like the inclusion speedy
  6. Yep, that's a 25. Because of the way it hooks onto the speedy, it really doesn't bang around all that much; atleast not enough to be noticeable.
  7. [​IMG] this has been discontinued, not many out there so you might have to look at Ebay for this.

  8. I have that! I want to add something with more color. I use that on my smaller bags.
  9. hope this helps

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  10. Yes! I am liking the inclusion speedy in berry with the speedy 25 in that last pic. I have the berry bracelet too. Do you think another charm would look good with the inclusion charm as well?
  11. Does anyone have the glitter key chain? I saw this pic on elux

  12. I like the pastilles the best, the multicolored ones show up brighter then the brown ones, but they are both pretty and can be worn as a bracelet too.
  13. I think you should get the hot pink Speedy Inclusion Charm!!
  14. Sorry I have the little keichain multicolor (53kb) but mine has different colours: no white, but pink, lilac, green, red, orange, azur, turchese, and a strange green/yellow; I bought in LV boutique, I'm sure it isn't a fake!!!:wtf:
  15. After trying my various charms on it, I think you are right!