Speedy vs. speedy b

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  1. i recently received a speedy azur in 35 but I have a speedy35b in monogram print I'm wondering if I should exchange it for the 35b or keep regular speedy? Pros & cons..help speedy confused
  2. I bought a monogram speedy b 30 last year and love it! I find I use the strap pretty often. But I can't bear to part with my classic Speedys. For some reason I prefer classic for the Azur speedy- it has less vachetta - I like to see that cream colored expanse of canvas.
  3. If having that strap is important to you I would exchange it but if it's not then I'd keep the classic. I actually much prefer the look of the classic over the b.
  4. I prefer the classic over the b only because the b seems to be constantly plagued by some sort of issue, whether it be hardware prematurely tarnishing or the leather wrinkling, whereas the original is still solid.
  5. I like speedy b more, for both the Look and function.
  6. If having the strap is important to you then I would exchange. Personally I can't imagine owning a speedy without the strap. I like having the option to be able to wear it crossbody or on the shoulder whenever I want.
  7. I would say it depends on whether you are a hand held girl or not. A speedy 35 is a roomy bag, and once you fill it up, the shoulders strap in the speedy b will come in useful. I personally prefer the bandolier version as its more functional and minimizes any chance of staining the beautiful vachetta handles.
  8. I own the classic speedy 30 and a strap. If you don't use the strap often this is a good alternative. I very much prefer the look of the classic speedy over the speedy b.

    So yes, I would keep the classic DA speedy.
  9. The bandouliere strap is priceless to me and makes the bag actually functional! I highly recommend it. I don't think it detracts from the bag's appearance either, and I actually like those strips of leather on the sides.
  10. I own a watercolor and a roses Speedy and even though I love them so much, I find myself using them much less than my other Speedies because of the occasional need for tossing on a shoulder.
  11. I love both, but I REALLY love the Speedy B
  12. ... I have a classic speedy 30 mono and wish it was a speedy b BUT I do have a strap for it... If I could do it all over again, I would get a speedy b coz you can always take the strap off - options!!! :smile:
  13. I have the speedy b 30 in damier and love it. Previously I had a regular speedy and sold it because hand carrying was a pain. I do think that the canvas on the regular speedy is thicker and better quality though, at least from the one I had 7 or so years ago.
  14. After using my speedy b for a few weeks, I decided to use my regular speedy. I haven't used it since the fall and decided it needed some love. Honesty, I prefer my speedy b due to the strap. It was a little annoying having to carry the regular speedy in the crook of my arm and since I had some heavy things inside, it left marks on my inner arm. Although I do love the look of the regular speedy including the sag, the strap is SO much better and more comfortable. I don't think i will ever buy a regular speedy again.
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