Speedy vs Speedy B

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Speedy 35 DE or Speedy B 35 DE?

  1. Keep Speedy 35 DE

  2. Sell Speedy 35 DE to buy Speedy B 35 DE

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Should I sell my Speedy 35 in Damier Ebene and buy a Speedy B 35 in Damier Ebene?
    I don't want 2 bags of similar style and canvas.
    See my siggy for my current collection.
  2. I would keep the speedy DE 35 and get the mono speedy B
  3. I would keep it because I think that the regular Speedy is a classic.
  4. yes i sold mine damier speedy 30 for mono speedy b 40 and no regrets after all,
    i m also going to get damier speedy b 35 next month ...
  5. Keep it and buy the Mono Speedy B. You don't have a bag with a crossbody function yet.
  6. I don't like the mono Speedy B because i can't keep the vachetta even (I intend to remove the straps when it's not in use), that's why I had DE in mind if I were to get Speedy B. If I were to keep my Speedy DE 35, I'd probably lean towards Idylle line for Speedy B (not sure if 30 is roomy enough for me, though)
    so those are my thoughts...
    but for now, it's only whether to sell or not.
    so far, to keep has more votes. so I might keep it, regardless if I get a new one now or later. I'd get a speedy B sooner or later (empriente is nice too :graucho:)
  7. If you love the bag but want a shoulder strap for the times you really wish you had one, yes sell and re-buy.
  8. if you love the speedy style but need a shoulder strap at times, then sell and fund a speedy b. :smile:

    i just sold my mono speedy 25 and thought of buying a de speedy 30/35 b, but my dh thinks its not a good idea for me... i sold my 25 bcoz it was too small, i dont like the small zipper opening as oppose to a big tote w big opening, bottom-less pit, cant see what you want to take out, hand held.... so rebuying a de speedy b in larger size would only solve my problem of handheld and size
  9. I'm definitely getting a 35 also, if I were to sell my classic. the 35 is perfect size, in my opinion.
  10. I'd sell it if you are getting pretty much the same purse but w/ a strap.
  11. I did the same thing and sold mine. I'm happy with the de speedy b and think having the de speedy on top of it wouldn't really make much sense.
  12. I got an offer for $650 for my Speedy 35 DE.
    So given the new Speedy B 35 now is $1160, plus tax, I'd still add over $600.
    Is it worth it just to have a strap? :thinking:
  13. Is $650 good for selling price? I just got it last year when it was $800, brand new. plus tax and overnight shipping, I spent about $900. Is it ok to let her go too soon?
  14. I think thats a good offer for it !
    I would sell and buy a Speedy B :smile:
  15. +1