Speedy VS. Ribera MM

  1. hi - i have been contemplating a damier louis vuitton for a long time now -
    i abs. love the speedy but i have seen it on people and it looks really bad when theres not enough stuff in it - it SAGS and looks very sad .. lol

    so what i wanna know is weather the over all size of the ribera mm and speedy 30 is the same?
    the shapes are different but still some sort of idea would be helpfull - i ask about the ribera cause it stays ... as in doesnt sag!

    thanks :biggrin:
  2. You could always put cardboard or a magazine at the bottom so it won't sag as much?
  3. i have both and i yet havent used the ribera mm. I always end up using the speedy. But i love how the ribera looks and also i dont see the ribera that whole lot on people.
  4. Just use cardboard or buy a purseket to prevent the sag. I love the speedy!!
  5. get the duomo... I love the shape.. I saw someone wearing it on the weekend. LOOKS GREAT.

    If you like the speedy better, try the cardboard so it doesn't sag.
  6. I own both of these bags, Mirage Speedy and Damier Ribera MM. They're each unique as far as hand bag styles are concerned and I honestly don't prefer one over the other as I think that they're both an excellent hand bag choice. However, I do agree that after several years of owning the Ribera, I've only come across one other person carrying one. When I initially purchased the Ribera, I was looking for a vachetta free LV that I could carry during the Fall/Winter months, plus I liked the fact that the zipper placement on the bag made the bag's opening very accessible.
  7. They are both nice bags ... I prefer the speedy but I'd pick the ribera only because where I live I see damier speedy every time I turn around.
  8. I have an Azur speedy 25 and Ribera MM, I prefer the Speedy for an everyday bag. The Ribera MM is really big and although I love it, I only use it when I go on vacation. HTH :smile:
  9. I am a speedy gal! It is my favorite shape!
  10. You can always buy a Speedy 30 base shaper on eBay.
  11. umm both. lol. if i had to choose id choose ribera MM
  12. Have you considered the duomo? I have it it love it. It was a bit rigid and difficult to get in and out of at first, but the opening has softened up a bit and it still holds it shape.
  13. i find the shape of duomo nice but a little umm lets say mature for me - i love the speedy and since its my first lv i really want it .. but the handles are TOO short even for an arm bag -

    ribera seems not to sag and has longer handles.. i am concerned however does it look too huge when ur wearing it -? the speedy manages to get away as a medium size bag regardless of the big space in it??
  14. I used to use a purseket to prevent the sag and better organize the bag but I could never find anything in those pockets, and I sort of prefer a little sag. I usually carry it in my hand but it is comfortable on my arm too.

  15. I don't think that the Ribera MM looks too huge when wearing it or compared to a Speedy 30. Yes, the Ribera is a structured bag which is another reason why I chose it as I don't care for the saggy/droopy bottom of the Speedy. I also own a Speedy 35 and find that it's too big for me to use as an every day bag. Therefore, the Speedy 35 has been delegated as a travel bag.