Speedy vs. Neverfull mm

  1. i am trying to decide which bag to buy, the neverfull mm or the speedy. any advice?
  2. thats a hard one. which would work better with your life style hand held or shoulder? Both are great bags with a reasonable price tag. How about getting both?
  3. I'm a speedy lover, but you have to like handheld. I tote mine on the crook of my arm...LOVE!!
  4. Speedy, you can never go wrong with a classic.
  5. I think the speedy will never go out of style as compared to the neverfull which is a rather common design. I'll go for the speedy! I love it!
  6. I am a speedy love too! Again though, it is up to you!
  7. I have so many shoulder bags that I would probably lean towards the speedy, I think (I'm in the same dilemma)
  8. i actually like shoulder bags better BUT the speedy is really nice. I bought the speedy when LV came out with their new damier azur line. I LOVE IT!!! its so pretty. my first LV bag ever!!!
  9. I have Both and i love Both equally... IMO Neverfull is selling out so fast if u can get ur hands on 1 that'd be cool.. u can always get speedy at a later date..
  10. Get the one suited for your lifestyle...I think getting use out of it is key! They are both great bags tho!
    Good luck!
  11. Speedy
  12. speedy
  13. I have both bags and I feel the speedy is the better bag...it is a classic and the handles are very comfortable. However with the neverfull if you carry alot of items the neverfull strap handles will hurt your hands...What I suggest is that you go into the store and walk around with both and then make a decision of which you like better...but you can't go wrong purchasing either bag...Good luck with your bag search...
  14. i have a damier speedy and a neverfull pm...and i love them both...though, i think that a speedy is a must have bag since it can be worn with a casual or even a corporate attire...i tend to associate the neverfull on dressed down days...
  15. I am considering purchasing a speedy too. What size do you think is better the 25 or 30. I am a petite person so I am leaning towards the 25 but afraid it will be to small. Any thoughts?