speedy vs gucci belt bag.

  1. hey everyone!
    im deciding about my next bag. its a tough decision i must have to say. so im thinking of either getting the mono speedy or the gucci belt bag. any suggestions?
    which one never goes on sale?
  2. I would get the louis vuitton.
  3. i'd get the speedy. vuitton never goes on sale, i don't really know about gucci. maybe you can get a LV belt-bag (pochette florentine or bosphore bum bag).
  4. I too would get the Speedy. As Sophiae stated, LV never goes on sale. :tup:
  5. I have both and I'd suggest to go with the Speedy. Other than a couple times, I haven't used the Gucci belt bag at all.
  6. I think you will use the speedy alot more often than the gucci belt bag.
  7. ew gucci phany pack! im gonna have to say speedy even though everybody has one, I just can't justify seeing you with a phany pack!
  8. the belt bag is actualy on sale right now!! it was on the website but i think they maybe sold out!! :smile:
  9. gucci does go on sale. i was there over christmas and it was CRAZY in there for some huge sale. plus i just got a summer sale card from them. LV -- NEVER on sale.
  10. ummm... I"m weird....lol I'd say get the GUCCI BELT BAG!
  11. I see both everywhere! I'd go with.. neither :p or something else that is similar.
  12. No competition - SPEEDY
  13. i have both and i think th lv speedy is perfect! for its price. the classic belt bag form gucci doesn't go on sale cause its the classics and the speedy never goes on sale either... u'll end up getting both ;) cause they are soooo different and have different uses.
  14. I love the Speedy, but if you travel, the Gucci bag might work, or for quick trips around town with your hands free.

    Don't like the look of a fanny pack around the waist, so I wear my fanny packs across the body (diagonally over my left shoulder) like a messenger bag.

    (You know you'll get this posting under the LV forum, but LV does sell something like a fanny pack as well... :graucho: And since OP stated that LV does not go on sale, I might add that the prices only increases.)
  15. although i've got two Gucci belt bags and i'll never own a Speedy, i'd say go for the Speedy! :yes: