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  1. hi everyone.
    i'm looking at purchasing a speedy on eBay. but the tap on the side of the bag says made in USA and not france. i know that some LV bags are made in the US but i just want to 100% sure. the seller said that she has reciepts as proof of purchase and 30 day money back garanttee.

    what do you guys think? shall i go for it. the auction ends in the next 18 hours so i need a response ASAP.
  2. Yes, I think i read somewhere on the forum a while ago that they also make bags here! :tup:
  3. not sure what your asking but yes some bags are made in the usa

    If your unsure of authenticity post the link to the auction in the authenticate this thread in the shopping section they should be able to tell you
  4. purselover,
    I would definitely post that item in the authenticity subforum so that people who really know about it can verify if it's real, but i can tell you that i bought a speedy from eluxury, which is a reputable site and it is made in the USA.
  5. you guys are fab, thanks for the advice and the quick responses. x
  6. The speedy 30 I bought from louis vuitton in NYC was marked made in USA
  7. Two of my Speedys were made in the USA and I bought them at LV. Ditto what dooneydiva said.
  8. Please post the bag in the "authenticate this" thread in the Louis Vuitton Shopping Section.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.