Speedy-Up In Smoke?

  1. Hey All,
    This weekend, I was planning on taking my VERY NEW Speedy to my boyfriend's house. :yahoo:I have been caring for this thing as if I gave birth to it. I try to think 3 steps ahead to make sure that I will not get stuck carrying it when there's rain or where I'll have no clean place to put it. :heart:Now, the only possible problem I foresee having at BF's house is that his mother chain-smokes at impossible mphs. The whole house (except for BF's room) smells like an ashtray.:cursing:

    QUESTION: How well does Mono canvas stand up against smoke? Should I just leave it at home?:crybaby:
  2. Hmm...well how long are you staying there? And if it's just for a few hours maybe you can put it in your bf's room? The mono canvas is pretty hardy and can withstand smoke..most bags that smell like smoke were exposed to it pretty much 24/7 which is why they smell so much.
    Otherwise if you're staying longer than a day or so or don't want to leave the bag in your bf's room, I'd avoid it and just take something cheaper.
  3. Yeah, I'll be staying Saturday into Sunday. It's just that I really wanna have it around me always...waaaaahhhhh!
  4. If you really wanna bring it over, just make sure it's in your bf's room most of the time. I think that should be fine. :yes:
  5. I'm living with my brother (a 24/7 smoker). The only place without smoke is my room, so my bags are safe. But sometimes (pls, forgive me) i forget my damier speedy in the living for a day (or even two). It pass the test, it doesn't smell!!! So i think your bag will be safe.
  6. I took my damier speedy to a hibachi restaurant once and it smelled like smoke for a week. I would leave it at home. If your bag does smell like smoke, airing it out for a while should fix it.
  7. <-----don't take a chance. Leave it home in fresh air...
  8. hmm..i would take it and just leave it in the bf's room..with a dustbag
  9. If it does end up smelling like smoke, put a dryer sheet in it and that should take care of the smell.
  10. I would leave it at home. Smoke smell is really hard to get rid of.
  11. I hate the smell of smoke, so I would keep it at home.
  12. Febreze and dryer sheets like Bounce work wonders on smells if you can't stand to be away from your new baby!
  13. take a different bag just on the safe side?
  14. When I take my LV outside of my comfort zone I am generally more worried about someone burning it with a cigarette (not likely to happen at your bf's house) or someone spilling something on it. I had actually never thought about it picking up the smell of smoke...and have never noticed it, either. I think it would be okay to take it, though my speedy is older - a new one, not so sure!
  15. It will be fine. I go to Soboba Casino often and man it stinks Im their for like 4 hours and when I leave every thing stinks my hair cloths everthing but my bag is fine after a day or two does no longer smell like smoke but if you are so over protective about your bag and are going to smell it constantly untill the smell comes off well then why bother take something else. ;)