Speedy Tabs Fraying - What can I do?

  1. I purchased my Speedy 4 months ago. And I chose the one in the best condition however, the red seal (I don't knwo the correct terminology for this so if anyone knows please let me know) they put around the leather tabs was already a bit thin in some areas and there was very very slight fraying at the end of one tab but I did not think much of it. I have not even used my Speedy much and it seems like the fraying is getting a bit worse. :crybaby: It's still slight but already two tabs are fraying at the ends a bit and I am afraid it will just get worse with time. You can see the difference in the attached pictures the difference between one where the red seal is perfectly in tact and the one where it wasn't fully covering the leather edge and is fraying.

    Does this happen often? It is a result of bad workmanship, if they had made sure to fully seal the leather edge this would not happen. :cry: I would expect more from a designer item. What can I do about it? I dread going back to lv as they are likely to give me a hard time. :s Will they charge me for this? What should I do? If I leave it will it just get worse with time?

    ***Added: I did attached photos from my computer to this but I am still new to this and do not know why they did not show up. So here they are after uploading to photobucket and linking them. Hopefully this works.

    Perfect Tab:


    Fraying tab:

  2. mine's doing the same thing!
  3. If the glaze is just cracked, they can repair it for you, but if the fraying is really bad I'm not sure there is much they can do about it.

    If you bring it back to LV they can properly assess it and since you got it within the past year, the repair should be free of charge! But that will mean you'll be without your speedy for quite awhile! In Canada at least they're quoting 6-8 weeks repair time as the item has to be shipped to the States, repaired, and then shipped back.

    But taking action earlier is better than letting the fraying continue!
  4. cant see! can you repost? because im wanting a speedy, wanna see!
  5. :confused1: Cant see anything..

  6. Sorry to hear this. I need to check my speedy.
  7. Pictures fixed. So what ended up happening was I drove 40 minutes to the LV store. Showed a SA and he said they would be able to fix it. No charge. But it won't be ready for a month!!! =T At least they can fix it. I just hope they do a good job and fix the problem. I'm paranoid but I hope I get the exact same speedy back!
  8. If this bag was purchased new from Lv i'd take it back and ask for a new bag or those pieces to be replaced.

  9. Hang someone from the d ring inside your bag. Something they cant take off.
    Maybe go and purchase a cheap little lock like your lv one from the hardware store and attach it inside the bag. You'll know when the bag arrives if its yours or not.
  10. I purchased this in June. So the guy said he'd have it fixed and ship it back to me. I hope I am not worrying too much but my experiences with LV have cause me to doubt their work. So I hope when I recieve it back it will be my bag and everything will be fixed and no problems added.

    **I have a tiny water spot on the handle that doesnt go away so if they change it, I will know. I just hope they dont add and faults to it by accident. :s If I read your post beforehand I probably would have seen if they wouldve given me a new one. When I brought it in the SA took out a new one from the dustbag to compare but I do not know if he intended to give me that one or just to check. I wish I had asked!!!
  11. OMG MINES DOING THE SAME THING!!! I thought it was normal...i got mine in july, mines worse than yours though. Im going tot ake mine to get fixed too now, the side is fraying too, i was like huh? whats the date code of your bag? maybe there were a few defective ones? mines TH0066 (made in france)
  12. Mine is Made in USA so the date code is SD0036. The glaze was thin on mine near the sides also and I am sure that it wouldve started fraying on the side as well!! The weird thing is that the new Speedy the SA took out to compare was PEFECT! I guess it all depends which one you got... and to think I looked this one over so much and failed to note this flaw. Good luck to you!!
  13. I thought that was normal. I will ask when I go to the store next time I guess.
  14. That's a natural thing to have happen to the bag. Anything and everything that bangs up against it could easily lift up the leather edges. It's part and parcel of owning virtually any bag out there.

    They may fix it, but it will happen again.
  15. Thanks for stating that. I was getting worried thinking maybe it isn't supposed to happen at all. I see it as wear and tear. I use mine just about everyday so it doesn't bother me as much.