Speedy Tab wrinkles

  1. hey girls! ive only had my speedy 30 for 2 weeks and one of the tabs where the handle connects is wrinkly. not too bad but several lines across. the other 3 are fine. any of u have the same after time?
  2. Yes, after time, some wrinkles do appear.
  3. i think it happens when you pull on it...at least i notice it happening when im holding onto it while im unzippin or zipping the speedy, the weight bends the tab, imo.
  4. I think that's normal. Personally I like the little signs of "wear and tear"!
  5. its a permanent wrinkle. the others do bend w/pressure and whatever, but this one is there no matter what
  6. It's normal for the leaf to wrinkle and curl when using the bag continuously.
  7. My Speedy is the same.. it's normal :yes:
  8. mine too. its normal. :smile:
  9. Yes. My tab on my speedy is a bit wrinkly.
  10. May I ask, is it a monogram speedy? Cos my damier speedy is not like that. But its normal tho', my friend's one also like that :yes:
  11. yes, its a mono speedy. its not the leaf tab, its the handle and the tab thats connected to the canvas

  12. Yes, me too. Mine is becoming soft and squishier and I just love that!
  13. It's pretty normal. After a while when it starts to patina, it'll become softer and less noticeable.
  14. ooo ok..if the handle, my damier also like that. And it is normal ;)
  15. My duomo is like that also. Leather wrinkles with time...