Speedy Strap

  1. Hi, is there anyone who knows if there is a large strap for a speedy. And what is the price?

    Thank you!
  2. there isn't officially one for it, but you can use the brown damier strap for it. I have it and use it occasionally on my speedy. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around 90 euros. I added a pic of how I use it...
  3. Yes, they have straps. There are 3 types. A Mono one and I think that one is right around $150 and there are 2 vachetta ones. One that is adjustable that i think is $185 and one that is not adustable that I think is right around $140. Don't quote me on those prices but I think it is pretty close.
  4. thanks for now. I'm going to surch for damier one, hope i'll find one too!!

    Thanks for the info