Speedy strap?

  1. I saw Fashionphile has a strap for a damier speedy listed.

    I didn't know there was such an animal!

    How does it work? Where do you clip it?? Is this even real?
    Do any of you have a strap on your Speedy? Pics :yes:?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i have purchased from them before, their items are authentic. straps can be fastened.
  3. Where do you fasten them?
  4. There have been a couple of topics on this and I posted pics in one, let me see if I can find them..
  5. I have a monogram strap for my monogram speedy. You just clip it on the hardware of the speedy handles. I seem to remember Lvbabydoll has a pic somewhere of hers.
  6. I have straps for my Damier Speedy 30 and Mono Speedy 30. Unfortunately, when you clip the strap to the metal chads that attach to the handles of the Speedy, it will eventually get a bit darker where the clip rubs against the handle. This has happened with my Mono Speedy, but the Damier Speedy looks fine. But I definately recommend having a strap with the Speedy.

    If you have a Mono Speedy, then there are two choices for a strap: all vachetta (non-adjustable) and a mono adjustable strap with a moveable shoulder rest. I recommend the mono adjustable since it only has a small amount of vachetta where you would adjust the strap.

    There is also a dark brown treated leather strap that you can use with the Damier - it matches perfectly. It's also adjustable.
  7. Awesome, ladies, thank you for your help! :flowers: Fashionphile wants $189 for their damier matching chocolate leather strap. Is that not just a little ridiculous?
  8. I think I paid about $150 for the Damier strap in 2004 at the LV store, so that $189 actually isn't that bad... but contact LV for the exact price.
  9. I think I paid about that for my blue epi one...and red epi one, too.

    As discussed in the previous threads...many people do not like them...but I love mine.
  10. I'd rather save that and spend it on a pomme cles for the damier speedy :tup:
  11. ^In the future though, you may actually find that you'll get a lot of good out of that strap, my mom ALWAYS used hers. :yes:
  12. :tdown::yucky:
  13. ^You might not like the look but when you have to have a hands free bag and don't want to go out to get a shoulder bag just for that purpose, it's really useful. Plus, it's a lot cheaper option than buying a whole new bag. My mom used hers all the time when I was little.
  14. I think the shoulder strap would be handy for someone like me who has sweaty hands and doesn't want their speedy handles to have black patina after a few months. LOL.