Speedy Spanish here I come!

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  1. I am taking an online Spanish course through our community college. Anyone here ever take an online class?

    I should be bilingual in six weeks.
  2. well, I can tell you this...One of my best friends is an editor for Newsday in New York and he has been taking spanish for several years and he's still not bilingual! I think you could be, if you lived w/ a spanish speaking family for 6 weeks. I know exchange students who did that and they had no choice but to pick it up quickly.

    I took spanish for 3 years in high school and 2 semesters in college and I'm still a loser when it comes to the language.

    With all the negative crap I just said, I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. You should probably sleep w/ a spanish language in your ipod at nite.;)
  3. Did you go visit your DH yet? The right positions can speak many languages!
  4. Felicitaciones. Me allegro mucho que vas a aprender Espanol.
  5. I like the iPod idea. I guess I should have prefaced my post with the additional info of actually being Mexican/Spanish. Parents only spoke it around my brother and I when they didn't want us to know what they were saying. We still picked up alot of it though. I understand alot of it but have never been able to speak it fluently so I think I'll pick it up pretty quick.;)
  6. I took Speed Spanish I and just finished Speed Spanish 2. I wish I had more time to study because it is a really great way they present the material. Even though I would still make a fool of myself if I ever tried to speak Spanish to anyone!!
  7. gracias muchacha!
  8. De nada! Im Spanish (Spain) so is my DH. Our kids dont know spanish and we want to teach them, but its so hard. We mainly speak English in our home. Dh and I only speak spanish to each other if we wanna talk about the kids so they dont understand (lol such as discuss xmas or bday pressies) Anyway good luck. Maybe something online would work for my kids too.
  9. Oh! Then I'm sure you will be able to pick it up quick...it's all about having it in your home and using it daily, which you have. Plus, your posts exhibit brilliance!
  10. :lol: DH is home now! (I didn't get to go but happier he is home instead).
  11. yeah thats what my mom and dad did to us! then they got all huffy later on cause we couldn't speak it!:lol: do em' a favor and speak it to them as much as you can!
  12. Spanish is a romance language so it would seem to me that you'll be fluent sooner than 6 weeks!:nuts:
  13. Ole!! I did this with (Brazilian) Portuguese a couple years ago but I'm super rusty now. Enjoy!!
  14. Wow, it took me at least 4 years of living in El Paso to be close to speaking Spanish. Buena Suerte! I hope I spelled that right. I mostly speak it, I don't write it. I took 3 semesters of Spanish, but it was my patients and my friends that taught me the most.
    The definition of fluent/bilingual is quite different to different people. I know a decent amount of Spanish, but I don't consider myself flluent. When I moved back to PA, people said, you're fluent aren't you? I thought by El Paso standards I am not, but to people who don't know Spanish they think I know a lot. Estoy olvidando sin practica aqui!!
  15. Felicidades, Espanol es un lenguaje muy romantico.
    Espero que aprendas con facilidad, Buena Suerte.
    I learned spanish last year in school. Spanish is a great language but it's a PITA when you have to properly write it out with all the accents.