Speedy size question/opinion... please :)

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  1. Just wondering...Do any of you prefer the speedy in the 35 in mono, but a 30 in the damier or do you also prefer the damier in the 35? I love my mono 35 forsure, but I dont know if the damier looks better in the 30 than the 35?? Any thoughts?? thanks guys!!
  2. I'd still get the Damier in the 35 size. Any smaller is too small for me, since I carry a lot.
  3. Totally personal preference. I prefer all my Speedys in 30 with the exception of the Azur Speedy--I think that looks best in 25.
  4. I do think the damier print looks bigger somehow than mono. I definitely think it would look like a travel bag in a 35.
  5. 35!!!!!!!;)
  6. 35 :smile:. I don't think it looks like a travel bag. Again, personal preference!
  7. Depends on your height,weight IMO. I personally like the 30 =]
  8. diamer 35
  9. ITA. I don't know why, but I really only like the Azur speedy in the 25. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I agree thats its really personal preference but I say 35. Its on my list. LOL
  11. It's all about personal preference, but since you already have a Damier 35, I'd get the Mono in 30 just to have more diversity in your collection.
  12. i prefer 30 in both.