Speedy size decisions, What factors in?

  1. When buying a Speedy 25 or 30....Do you buy depending on your size? Meaning height and build?

    I have the cerise which is a 25, and a mono speedy which is 30...I'm thinking of purchasing another speedy and was interested what you base your Speedy size decision on? How much you carry? OR If the 25/30 is in proportion with your body size? Which is most important in factoring your decision?

    I put the things I usually carry in my cerise and it all fits...but then I think it looks too small for me (frame-wise) in proportion to me. (and I can't fit a magazine inside..) Then I put everything in my mono 30 and everything fits plus my magazine..and it looks much better with my frame. Which is good...then there's the sagging issue...Ugh...but a mag on the bottom should fixes that somewhat. Also I noticed when I put all my things in the 25 it's just about full 3/4 of the way. In the 30 it's a lil less than 1/2 the way full..so I have plenty more room for things..., So technically the 25 would be fine for what I carry...but it doesn't look in proportion to my frame. Looks TOO small!! Kinda funny. Do any of you buy the 30 knowing you don't have a ton to fill it up, but get that size cuz it fits your frame better? Btw, I do like that fact if I need to throw more things in my 30 there's room. So that's a plus.

    Should I get the 25 being there should be less sag (so I've heard), but then the bag will be too sm. for my frame and not fit a mag. OR the 30 which looks a lot better on me, fits a mag...but then I'll have more sag than the 25, but not overly saggy cuz of the mag on the bottom?

    What would you do?
  2. IMO, get the one that you think looks better on you! sag or no sag, if it looks better, it looks better right? (easier said than done though). I think it's like if you buy an item of clothing, you would get the one that looks best on you.
  3. I get 30 unless it doesn't come in 30 (like Cerises or Fringe) because I feel that 25 is too small for me personally. And when I say too small, I mean proportion with my body size.
  4. May I suggest getting a 30 in Epi (no sag and great proportion wise).
  5. Go for the looks. 30 all the way!
  6. Ya, my mono 30 looks much better on my frame and height. I'm 5'5" btw. So even when I put my things in my mono 30 and it's 1/2 full, I should go for a size 30 then? Despite the fact it's not as full as it would be if I were to get the 25? I mean, go for how it looks overall (frame wise and in proportion) instead of how much I carry inside? Do any of you do this??

    I do like the fact there's extra room, for extra things, kids snacks, camera, ipod etc. in my 30. But I don't carry those things everyday. I do put a mag on the bottom of my mono 30 and it seems to take away most of the sag. Hmm...:hrmm:

    So 25, 30?
  7. I'm 5'6 and I own a Mono, Damier, and Epi Speedy 25. I'm so satisfied with the 25 cuz I don't carry alot of stuff. I did notice when I received my Epi Speedy 25 that it is indeed abit larger. Sounds like you would love the size of the Epi Speedy line.
  8. Ok I got to say this....Missypoo ...this is so funny! ..and embarrassing...I'm SOOOO indecisive it's unbelievable! Darn OCD! LOL!

    OK...I had gotten the Damier 30 the day it was released. Loved it etc. Well...I started questioning it being too dressy, the leather handles etc too dark, the sagginess. I decided to return it. Ugh.....again... dumb OCD! lol..

    Then last night I see your pic from Colorado. Very nice! btw!! Well, the pics thru me off COMPLETELY! I'm like, "Dang she looks so cute!" "She's dressed just like me!""WT?!?!?" I'm like ok, relax...go watch a movie.

    So I find one of my favs on "Romancing the Stone" . I'm watching and it's 15 mins. into it and it's the scene when it's pouring rain. I'm like....Hmm...(never knew this or payed attention to water hitting my bags before joining here at the PF boards and being educated) I've always just tried my best to be careful with them. When it rains I'm very careful to keep them covered, etc.

    Then I thought...I should've kept that damier bag no vachetta problems, no rain issues....Then I remember your pic...I'm like,"Ughhhhh it can be worn casual..." (just like I like). Then :idea: Ut oh.........................

    Next thing I know I'm on the boards here thinking if I should go ahead and get the 30 again or maybe the 25. I'm supposed to be done shopping til next yr. but I'm driving my poor dh nutty. LOL

    So there...I've confessed!! LOL!!! I'm so embarrassed of my undecisiveness. I wasn't gonna mention this to anyone cuz I'm afraid everyones going to think I've lost my mind...(which I believe I have).
    :rolleyes: But I hate keeping things from people, so I'm like forget it , I'm gonna spill it! There's the cat's out of the bag, and the beans have been spilt! ugh........:Push:
  9. Im 5'9" so the 30 looks best on me, but I have to admit, the fact that $20 more buys me MORE BAG definitely factors in at least a little bit.:P
  10. I love big bags in general, eventhough I'm only a petite 5'2. Plus it's IN right now and just incase you need more room, it will work out for you!

    I also have both sizes 25 and 30 because it's good to have variety. :smile:
  11. i'm 5'2'' and petite, so i buy 25s. i think its a better size for my frame and the bags look cuter. i don't carry a whole lot, so it works for me.
  12. i vote for 30! the bigger the better :smile:
    is the MC speedy 30 doesn't sag? or do they?
  13. I have the MC speedy, and no it doesn't really sag much, if not at all. Very little.
  14. I guess for me it came down to how much stuff I have. The 30 was REALLY BIG! All my stuff just floated in there and the 25 perfectly fit my needs.

    Hehe, as for your damier problem I had the same concern with not looking good when wearing casual clothes. BUT I wore it yesterday with brown plaid gauchos and a brown tank top with converse sneakers. It looked just fine and my mom was stunned by the bag regardless of my clothes. It was the first time she's seen it and knew I bought one:shame:
  15. for me it depends on my size. whenever i look at bags on eLuxury, i always use a measuring tape to see how big it is, and compare it with bags i already have. when i used to look at the Speedy online, i compared the 30 with my Trouville, which is almost the same in height and width, and i thought it was the right size. then i compared the 25 to my Dior Boston bag, and i thought that was the right size too. then as soon as i saw them both in the store, i knew the 30 was ridiculously big for me, and the 25 was the perfect size.

    here's how the 25 looks on me. Note: i'm 5'4".
    speedy 25 001.jpg speedy 25 002.jpg