Speedy Size... 25 or 30? (Damier ebene & azur)

  1. Hi Gurls,

    I have a speedy obsession,
    i used to own both a mc speedy in black & white, sold it, and then regret it.:crybaby:
    so i've bought a new white mc speedy, and now still alluring over black mc speedies:sweatdrop:...
    for speedies, i only own a Mono Speedy 25 and White MC speedy now...

    i'm 5'3, 105 lbs prepreg, and currently pregnant...

    i wanna buy a both a Damier Ebene Speedy and a Damier Azur Speedy
    but i dunno what size...

    would azur be more high maintenance & more of a summer bag?

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated... :love:

    May i ask for modelling pictures of 25 and 30 if possible?
    maybe size comparison pictures?:rolleyes:
  2. I have just bought a damier azur speedy 25, and I find it perfect as a winter bag on cold cloudless days. sizewise is incredibly roomy and the proportions are perfect. I am very pleased with it, most of my other bags were dark/black. I get lots of compliments on the bag (which most people do not recognise as LV, funny enough). Sorry I cannot post pictures, but I truly recommend this bag to you.
  3. Ummm, since you have both sizes, how do you like 25 vs. the 30? I personally like the 25 (I'm 5'2" 100 pounds) b/c I think it fits my frame better.

    Also, I like the azur, but I think the vachetta will drive me crazy, so I'm leaning towards the ebene.
  4. does it sound silly but I'm, wondering if the azur looks cuter in 25 because it's a pale colour :s or maybe because I'm thinking of it as a stylish summer bag... :girlsigh:
  5. I'd say 25!
  6. I prefer the azur in 25. I think the color and pattern look cuter in the smaller size. I plan on wearing my azur right through the fall and winter months
  7. someone agrees! I have this vision of me at my target weight next year with an azur speedy and some cute khaki shorts and vhite vest
  8. The azur is great for Summer.

    The ebene is great for Fall.

    I own an ebene in 30 and love it.
  9. lil*miz*vixen, I have a damier azur speedy 30 which I find to be a little too big. (I'm 5'5'' juniors size 9) I just don't want to go through the hassle of trying to sell it in order to get a 25. I bought a Ebone Damier Speedy 25 from eLux which should be delivered Monday. If you like, I can post pics of them together on Monday.
  10. If I were you I would get the damier ebene 30. Once you have a child, you will need more space, and you won't have to worry about getting the ebene handles dirty, spit up on, etc. Kids are dangerous to vachetta.
  11. I have an azur speedy 30 and love it!! I'd never own a 25...I'm 5'2, size 2/4. I don't think the 30 looks big at all...just chic, IMO.
  12. I have two in 25 and one in 30... I'd go with 25 for damier. I think because my 30 is in epi it seems to hold its shape more, kwim?
  13. Damier 30!
  14. I think either size would look fine on you, so you might just have to figure out which size you prefer on you and whether or not you need a lot of space. You could get the ebene in 30 for more of an everyday bag that will give you tons of room for your stuff and baby stuff. Then get the azur 25 for a fun, cute purse. I think it is more of summery bag, but it will still look beautiful in fall/winter, so you should definitely wear it year-round. The ebene will be lower maintenance since it doesn't have vachetta, so you won't have to worry about spilling stuff on it or getting it dirty.
  15. if you carry a lot, then get the 30 ... if not, I like the 25 better ... much cuter imo.