Speedy shoulder strap

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  1. I was wondering if LV still makes a mono shoulder strap...I've seen the vachetta straps but the mono is gorgeous. I've seen some vintage (1990s) ones on eBay but they seem to be cracking. I've looked on Vuitton.com & elux but can't seem to find anything. Thanks!
  2. Yes, they do, I bought one about a month ago at the charlotte store. Call CS and see if they have one in stock, if not, they can find a store that has it and ship it to you.
  3. I agree...I always liked the look of the Mono Strap on both my Speedy 25 and the 30 (Even though I realize they weren't originally designed to be worn with a strap)...:rolleyes:
    LVD075.jpg LVDust 092.jpg SPEEDY25 119.jpg
  4. That's the one my mom originally had on her Speedy (the mono print one). I'm sure they still make them.
  5. I actually bought one just yesterday from an LV Boutique and it's terrific with my new Speedy 30. :yes:
  6. Yes, I have the mono strap but my version is adjustable with a buckle and has a moveable shoulder pad that slides back and forth. I use it with my Deauville but can also use it with my mono Speedy 30. There is a small piece of vachetta leather on the mono strap for where you would slide the adjustable part in (like a belt loop). I haven't used it with the Speedy since the vachetta leather is a lot lighter than my Speedy's vachetta leather. Get it!!! Having a strap is very useful!!!!
  7. i like the mono strap better, it seems like you get more for your money...