Speedy shapes ~

  1. Hi, I'm wondering how come in some pictures I see people's Speedys keep their shape so well while they're carrying it and yet some are all contorted. I know if I put too much stuff in my speedy30, it bends all out of shape. Its kinda frustrating. Anybody else notice that?
  2. putting someone on the bottom of the bag, no sagging helps it keep its shape.
  3. Try getting a Speedy shaper. It helps with the sagging a lot. You can find them on eBay.
  4. Thanks! I usually have my book in the bottem lols
  5. I use a piece of cardboard in mine.
  6. Thanks for the idea! I just did an arts & craft project (at work), cut up a RedWeld envelope (office material) to fit the bottem of my speedy30 and stuck it right in! :woohoo:
  7. Me too. It works great!
  8. yea a purseket/magazine/cardboard would help...without it, i think the mini lin is one of the worst...it ends up looking like a wet towel with handles!
  9. They also have a "speedy pillow" on eBay, but old soft t-shirts do the trick too, when you store the speedy...
  10. Some put a light magazine in the bottom, others use a purseket!
  11. I don't mind the "mishapen" look, either way it's perfect.
  12. Try a purseket.
  13. I hate the sag.. personally.. so I spent some couple bucks and bought a speedy base shaper on ebay for about 20$? :smile:
  14. Yay ! I just ordered a medium London Plaid purseket! Thanks everyone for your help!
  15. I like the sag of a speedy!