Speedy-shape denim bag w/scottie dog outline from Japan?

  1. I saw this woman with a dark denim Speedy-shape handbag. It was so cute and had a stitched profile of scottie dogs. The stitch/embroidery was not very noticable. She said it was a gift from Japan. She would not give me more info. except to say she gets stopped all the time for her handbag. Help! I'm not a 'dog' person per say but I need to have this bag!:supacool: Any leads would be great.:tender:
  2. Never mind. I did another search and it is a Radley handbag sold in London. Old style so I probably won't be able to find it.
  3. If you do find the bag for sale somewhere do tell us because it sounds awful cute. :drool:
  4. Sure thing. I will posts pics if I find it!
  5. I looked on the Radley site and their bags are really cute : )
  6. They are! I have a Walkies pouch with five little scotties on it. So cute.
  7. owww, time for me to check the website! i love baggies with dogs on it...espeically scotties. good luck on finding the bag, maybe try to look on e-bay ocassionally?
  8. i just saw their bags and they are SUPER cute! i will definately favorite the website...i wonder if they will ship to US..