Speedy Sagging

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  1. I love the look of Speedys in the store, but they always seem to sag when they're in use. I have never bought one because I don't particularly like the saggy look - am I the only one who wishes LV would make a sag-less Speedy?
  2. I think it's a good thing because some likes the saggy look and those that don't uses a bag shaper too keep the shape. Look through the faq section for more posts on this and the bag shaper too, there are a lot of shapers on *bay and some fit better than others. I have myself the Epi Speedy that don't sag.
  3. I don't mind when it sags a bit. But I might look in to a base shaper. It is an easy fix.
  4. You are not the only one...although I think we are minority here....I dont like the sag one bit....I made a speedy shaper and my rose speedy is sagless now!!!!
  5. A base shaper, or a purse organizer will keep it from sagging.
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sag but if you don't...hope the base shaper helps! Or you could just opt for a more structured bag?
  7. I love the sag, I think it's what gives the speedy personality and style. As others have said, you can always use a base shaper. Or try an epi one, they don't sag that much!
  8. Add me to the minority list! I'm not a big fan of sagging also. I have already decided that when DO get my speedy, I will not pack it and depending on how it looks with the few items that I carry on a daily basis, I may invest in a shaper.
  9. i don't like the sag at all either. but the bag itself is great, and i'm getting one as soon as i can...but there will be a base shaper to go with it. i'm glad someone invented those.
  10. I totally dislike the sag. :yucky: No matter how hard I tried, I just could not embrace the pulled-taffy look. :nogood: :tdown:

    I LVoe the HippieGal All In 1 Shaper and use it for my Speedy 30 and Speedy 35. :heart:
  11. I have to say that this was my main reason I never brought a speedy b/c of the sag. However, I purchased my 1st speedy about a year ago and I LOVE IT. The sag to me is a special detail of the bag LOL. I also tried the base shaper with the bag and it made it feel heavy IMO. I say sag all the way..............
  12. The sag is part of the allure of the Speedy, IMO.
  13. I love my speedy because of the sagging, and don't like the new stiff ones. . . but like osme here suggested get a bagshaper, they're not expensive and you get them on ebay
  14. I started off hating the sag so I bought the base shaper. But after a while, I found that too boxy and stiff and started to appreciate the beauty of a slight sag, so I got a more structured purse organiser instead and sort of "fill up" the space with am umbrella or a sunny case so that it does not look too saggy. I only need to do this with the size 30 speedys though. With size 25 the look is perfect with the amount of stuff I carry.
  15. I thought I did not like the sag so never bought a Speedy. Then I bought the absolutely beautiful Mirage Speedy and it was like carrying a big box, could not stand it. Needless to say, I sold it and ended up getting the Mon Mono Speedy. If you want a Speedy with little/no sag, you can get a purse organizer or an LE Speedy with alcantera lining.