Speedy Sag

  1. I have lusted after a black Multicolore Speedy 30 forever. A friend of mine warned me that I may not like it because most of my bags are very structured and the Speedy is not. To prove her point, she sent me a Monogram French Company Speedy 25 of hers to test out.

    Even in carrying it with a piece of cardboard that my friend graciously laid in the bottom of the bag, I felt like the bag drooped and looked sloppy. But I'm still in love with that Multicolore 30!

    What are your experiences with Speedys/tricks for keeping them somewhat structured? Do they all pretty much sag? Should I stay away from them altogether?
  2. the multicolore Speedy DOES NOT sag as much because the material is THICKER then the regular monogram imo..plus I use card board in it also and IT IS JUST FINE...NO SAG!!!!!!!!!! I HATE SAG ON MY BODY AND I HATE SAG ON MY BAGS LOL
  3. If you really like a speedy shape but don't like the sag, go with epi. They almost have no sag at all.
  4. *DEAD* :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:

    My husband saw how devastated I was at the prospect of no Multicolore Speedy 30 due to fear of sag and said, "Just get it anyway. It won't sag!" The same guy who put me on freeze from any new purchases unti July! HMPH!!!
  5. my mono sags REALLY BAD without support! like to the point where its like flat with sticky out sides but thats without much in it! atm its full to the brim so no sag much but i put a thick uni prospectus in the bottom and got like no sag at all!
    good luck hope you like it :biggrin:
  6. I agree or the Perfo Speedy. Those 2 don't sag as bad as the Mono
  7. buy a binder at the dollar store and cut it to fit, the cardboard in there will be thinker.. Just cut it a tad smaller nd round the corners. Issue resolved.
  8. Someone (maybe Kat?) posted that their husband made them a bottom for a Speedy out of Plexiglass.

    Others have used bag organizers, such as Pursekets and Bagmates, to eliminate some of the sag.
  9. I have a cardboard contraption in the bottom of mine but have been debating removing it bc apparently ppl think the ones that don't sag are fakes.
  10. Who cares what others think!

    If they are assuming its fake because it doesnt sag/ or does sag *which ever the case* they sure dont know their louis vuittons then do they?

    I guess then you are carrying a bag to have people think of you a certain why, if you're worried what others think. IMO

    Personally I could careless what others think of my bag, whether it sags or not, how i carry it. What matters to me is i enjoy carrying said bag and my that my bag is authentic.

  11. i have a piece of the Fedex cardboard box in the bottom of my Speedy, and it doesn't sag at all now.
  12. I would judge a Speedy on whether or not it's constructed of one piece of leather all the way around, if it has patina, etc. before I assumed it was fake because it didn't sag. Besides, I'm finding that a lot of smart chicks are using interior props to maintain the Speedy's shape anyway.
  13. The multicolor speedy has a thicker liner than the Mono speedy thus it does not sag half as much. You could use one of those purseket thingies inside too. Overall I find multicolor speedies to be more structured than the mono ones. Good luck and let us know how you fare.
  14. I just put in my mono cosmetic bag on the bottom. It doesn't sag anymore.
  15. I have two speedies - Epi and Damier. Epi doesn't sag AT ALL!!!!! I love it! Damier, on the other hand, is different. It sags! That's why I went with the smallest size, 25, and always try to stuff it, so it holds its shape better. But even with the sag, that I hate so much, I absolutely adore that bag!