Speedy red paint peeling?

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  1. The red paint stuff on the edge of my handles are starting to chip, is this normal? Thanks... :tdown:
  2. Depends..

    How old is the bag.. as well as is it chipping or just kinda rubbed off?
  3. ^^ Yup, it could be normal. How old is the bag? I'm pretty sure it can be re-glazed, though.
  4. I'm not quite sure how old it is, I bought it off of a reputable Louis Vuitton seller on ebay. I've included a couple pictures to further make my point. How does the re-glazing process work? Thanks :smile:


  5. It looks as if it's been a pretty loved but taken care of very well bag. ^^;

    I don't think theres anything to be worried about.. but if the lack-of-glaze is bothering you, you can bring it in to your nearest LV boutique and get a quote on how much it would cost.

    However I do have a warning that if you do reglaze the handles (and since it's preloved you don't have any idea if it had been under reglazing before) too much re-glazing can actually weaken the leather/handles and cause it to be very weak.... If anything you could always just get brand new handles but then you would need to start the whole patina process all over again. ):
  6. Thanks! Also, do you know what the green stuff is--around the hardware?
  7. I would think that the green is from the brass tarnishing. Probably anything that would clean and polish brass would take care of that, just be careful and don't get it on the vachetta.
  8. The green is just tarnish. You can use Weiman's Metal Polish. Some members use Brasso; however, the Weiman's is less harsh and works on metals that are not limited to being brass. The handles on your speedy have a beautiful patina. Rather than replace the handles you can have LV reglaze the edges for you. They just relgazed a wallet for me and the charge was $40 (to give you some idea of their reglazing charge). Enjoy your new to you beauty!
  9. They can send it in to be reglazed.

    Please, don't tell them you purchased it from ebay, that will just piss them off. Tell them you don't have a receipt if they ask.