SPEEDY questions

  1. Eluxury is down, I'm upset.

    I was wondering the price of the epi speedy 25 and 30
    and the price of the damier speedy 25 and 30.

    I think I want a red epi...
    but may do a damier.
    I like the damier azur, however I ruin white.

    Thanks for answering!

    By the way I'm not lazy I tried searching but my searcher kept saying I wasn't entering enough words even though I typed in red epi speedy 25 and yeah...so i gave up.

  2. Epi 25- About $885
    Epi 30- About $936
    (if you go to the UK version of the LV site, it'll give you the amounts in pounds...then you can just convert them to US$).

    And the Azur is actually tougher than it looks, it's pretty hard to ruin unless you get ink on it.
  3. What is the price on the damier speedy 25
  4. Damier 25- about $610
    Damier 30- about $630
  5. get a speedy 30!!
  6. preferably in EPI!