speedy question

  1. Will the PTI wallet fit into the speedy 25 or will it be a tight fit.Thanks
  2. I fit mine in the speedy 25 easily - no problem.
  3. Same here and it has a lot of space all around it. Not a tight fit at all.
  4. PTI, makeup case, agenda and more :smile: all in a speedy 25.
  5. oh yea. the speedy is huge for as small as it is!
  6. mine fits- with no problem

  7. Exactly - for such a small looking bag - it has a huge holding capacity. I love that about it.
  8. Mine fits great with plenty of room for other items!
  9. It should fit with no problem.
  10. Yeak, it's actually a perfect fit, I can fit a medium agenda in a 25 speedy....not with much room to spare but the PTI is much smaller......
  11. Yes, the PTI totally fits... with a sidekick... a razr... a make up case... sunglasses case... a cles... AND room to spare!
  12. It will fit
  13. Fits very easily. A little dificult to get out though.
  14. I think it'll fit without a prob.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a sidekick?
  15. this is kinda off topic, but i saw the grossest pti wallet fake today. BLEAH.
    and a leopard stephen fake. ewwwwww. they did well on faking the acrylic handles though...but it was a TIGER. not a lepoard.