Speedy Question

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  1. I am asking this for a friend because she doesn't have an account and her English isn't that great. She wants to know if it's okay to fold and unfold the speedy? She has to fold her speedy when stored because her dustcover isn't big enough for her to store it stuffed. She folds her speedy and stores it like 3 times a week when it's not in use so pretty much every two days as she rotates her bags a lot but always gos back to her speedy. Thanks.
  2. I would rather store it stuffed - that way you don't get creases in the canvas. If the dustbag doesn't fit - use a pillow case.
  3. I fold mine to store them in the dust bags.
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  7. EDIT: sorry I quick replied the wrong person.
  8. Thanks, I will let my friend know. Does it matter what kind of pillowcase she uses or what she stuffs it with?
  9. No, any will do.
  10. I stuff mine with a towel
  11. I've never folded my Speedys for storage...if your friend has a good relationship with an SA, she can ask for a drawstring dustbag or a larger flap dustbag so the bag doesn't have to be folded to fit.
  12. I stuff with a white towel and I would use a white or light colored pillow case
  13. I think the older the speedy the more flexible they become. I only fold the ones I've used the most and they've never had creases when I unfolded them to use them. I do however have my new speedy 35 stuffed with the puffy air plastic plastic bag it came with and dust cover, that one will have creases if I left it folded but my older ones don't, maybe the more broken in the canvas gets the more durable they become, or maybe that's just my opinion :smile:
  14. I stuff my Speedy with air pillows and bubble wrap. I thought it was a great use for all that extra packaging!
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