Speedy Question

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  1. Just wondering how many people carry their Speedy with the lock attached? I've seen some without the lock and some with it.... :P
  2. Yep I have my lock attached. It does cause some discoloration on the leather tab (just around the hole). I don't lock it though; it's just for an adornment.
  3. I carry mine with the lock. But I took the keys out and placed them in my dresser drawer. It looks so cute with the lock on IMO.
  4. I carry mine with the lock, but I take it off for storage, since it may stretch out the tab over time.
  5. All my speedies have the lock and keys hanging on them. The SAs put them on and I just leave them there.
  6. My Mono has lock on it but I didn't put the lock on my Damier.
  7. Mine has the lock on and I keep the keys in the inside pocket.
  8. I used to keep mine on the D ring inside. But after seeing some pics of people having it on the outside I thought it was too cute so I did that as well. I still keep the keys in the inside pocket though. I am afraid of losing them.
  9. I keep mine on the outside....the keys are in the little box they give you and are stored inside the speedy.
  10. I do the same!
  11. Irene, is that white mc lv authentic? I've never seen that one? Which style is it?
  12. Yes, that's a speedy 25 from the fringe line.:love:
  13. i keep my lock on, but not the keys. some people leave one key on, though.
  14. I leave my lock on as I think it looks alot cuter compared to when it is off! but not my keys, they are kept at home otherwise I would end up losing them! lol!
  15. i took my lock off recently - because there was a thread somewhere saying that it starts to leave a black mark - so i just keep it in the pocket in the speedy now!