Speedy Question

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  1. I just got a damier speedy 30 and I love it!! :yahoo::heart:

    Anyhow, the sides of mine sorta 'sag' eventhough I have a magazine or something sturdy on the bottom. The only way to explain what I mean is by this picture which I found on eBay. http://i10.ebayimg.com/06/i/000/bc/10/3c6e_12.JPG

    Does anyone know how I stop my speedy from doing that??

  2. The "SAG" factor of the Speedy has been discussed in a zillion other tpf threads (do a search.) My opinion? It's what makes a Speedy a Speedy! (And I can't imagine adding something else to it to make it weigh more...)
  3. Buy a purseket! It will eliminate some of the sag. Do a search and you'll find the thread all about pursekets.
  4. i have no problem with the sag..i just dont know how to 'even out' the sag so its not just the sides that come down. anyone know what i mean?
  5. Actually I do know what you mean becuase my epi speedy does that too. Somedays it doesn't bother me and other days it makes me really nervous. I don't think you can even it out. Speedy's just sag. I know it looks more like a collapse on the sides, but that is just what they do.
  6. thanks for your input sarah. i like the sag that my speedy has except how one side will just come out like that once in awhile. ill just put more stuff on the sides to even the whole thing out. thanks again.
  7. Try searching "sag" and "purseket" and you'll get lots of threads. :yes:

    And congrats on the purchase! :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.